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Saving The Coffee Weasel Wizards - Asian Palm Civit Cats Produce!

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By zenbob96

Saving The Coffee Weasel Wizards - Asian Palm Civit Cats Produce!

Baby Chon Oakm Civet Cat

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Documentary Title and Basics:

"Saving the Coffee Weasel Wizards" A film about the Asian Palm Civet Cat and how it makes the finest coffee beans in the world.

We explore the life of several Palm Civets in their natural habitat in the highlands of Vietnam and discover how a little known and threatened species is responsible for a $50 per cup coffee craze.

We discover the world of coffee bean processing from plantation, Chon, the Palm Civet, to brewed cup of CaPhe.

This film will be filmed entirely on location in Vietnam, and should be completed by January 2011 if funded as needed.

More About the Documentary's Story And Issues:

We film the life and routine of one or more Palm Civets (Chon) as they select the finest red coffee berries for their early morning breakfast, see them play and raise their young. We discover that the Palm Civet is not a cat at all, but a famous cousin of the weasel or skunk, and is the original source of the amazing fragrance for Chanel No. 5. and other perfumes. It is this remarkable chemistry that also allows the Palm Civet to partially digest coffee beans and when the beans are expelled, dried, cleaned and roasted, they are transformed by this amazing alchemy into the most prized, sweet coffee requiring little or no sweetener, to be found anywhere in the world.

We then learn through the eyes of the Chon, how precarious its life and future are, how its habitat is threatened and how great care and efforts must be made to protect and establish high ethical standards for caring for these remarkable creatures if both they and the remarkable coffee they produce are to survive.

We view some progressive and privately funded efforts to save the Chon, and learn of plans to sponsor and adopt Chon in order to help maintain rescue and high quality habitat for them.

We visit patrons at cafes enjoying "Weasel Coffee" and also perform so "blind" taste tests to see the reaction of coffee drinkers when they are told that the coffee is processed by "weasels."

A serious documentary with great moments of humor, heart, and great information presented in an entertaining and easy to view

series of segments, it will make an excellent educational film for schools and universities, for those who love wildlife, preservation of species and for coffee lovers, too.

Lessons Learned

  • We need funding, travel expenses, funding for equipment and to pay for crews in Vietnam. We can shoot in HD video.
  • We will need to hire film crews locally and work with local Vietnamese plantation owners, growers, animal experts and government officials.
  • We also wish to raise awareness of the plight of the Palm Civet, as well as help create a foundation or fund to help protect and raise these creatures in a humane and safe habitat.
  • Filming from the perspective of the native creature requires great patience and skill.

Jennifer Merin, About.com Documentaries, says:

I love coffee, but knew nothing about this fascinating little creature's beans. What a surprise! I think this film will interest people who love coffee, as well as those who love wildlife and are concerned with environmental issues. I think you should start a discussion about the film and subject on the Documentaries.About.com Forum, where you can get good feedback and start to form a support community. Good luck with the project, and please keep us posted about your progress.
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