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By Yuko Shiomaki


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Documentary Title and Basics:


A documentary about professional WADAIKO (Japanese Drum) group members who are mentally challenged but have a creative and intellectual independence. This film suggests for everyone around the world to consider the social mind shift from NORMALIZATION to INCLUSION for mentally challenged people.

More About the Documentary's Story And Issues:

“Inclusion” is a very human documentary directed by Ken’ichi Oguri with cooperation by a mentally challenged crew. To help inform society, they show great courage by telling their own true stories straight to the camera.

Groups of individuals get together to express a proposal that the future state of society should allow them not just to be part of normal life, but to be fully “INCLUDED”.

Zuihou-Daiko (Zuihou Drum) is a professional artistic group, who are popular to perform all year round. They were inaugurated in 1987 as a club activity of the mentally challenged vocational facilities. Initially it was just a collective grouping people who just liked Japanese drumming, but over time they increased their skills resulting in them being invited to perform both in Japan and abroad.

Initial performances were held in Malaysia, New York, Sweden, the closing ceremony at the Barcelona Paralympics, and at the Paralympics in Sydney. After travelling around the world, in 2000 they left their own jobs to concentrate on performing for Zuihou Daiko where they carry forward their strong hopes for the future.

Now they manage to perform over 130 times a year. Overcoming their disabilities, they have gained confidence and pride in the process. They are a fine example of an independent social life. Their performances are just breathtaking!

Lessons Learned

  • audience who is interested in human rights.
  • able committee who made other documentaries like ABLE, etc.
  • would love to circuit documentary film fest around the world

Jennifer Merin, About.com Documentaries, says:

There is a lot of documentary film interest in this subject, including For Once In My Life, which follows a band comprised of handicapped musicians and which just won the IDA Award for Best Music Documentary. Autism The Musical is another award-winning film that explores the life enhancing qualities of the arts and artistic expression, specifically in the lives of autistic kids. So, you're not alone in your interests. Good luck with the project, and please keep us posted aobut your progress.
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