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Reader Submissions: What Documentary Are You Working On?


It often takes years for a documentary to evolve from an inspiring moment of observation or curiosity about an idea or event to a finished film that's ready to be presented to audiences. As the film takes shape through pre-production, filming and editing phases, filmmakers smartly develop a support community by reaching out to people concerned about their project's subject and/or issues it investigates. Let us know what you're working on so we can support you, look forward to seeing your finished film and get a heads up on screenings and release dates.

Itako - Visions. A documentary on the Itako Shamans

The documentary is an anthropological - ethnographic view on the Itako Shamans and it's part of an academic research, still going on, at Sorbonne University (Paris) by an italian PhD.Itako are unique…More

Cassavana: A way out poverty in Rwanda

In many parts of Saharan Africa the rainfall is not reliable and this makes it hard for the normal subsistence plants to survive. Putting food on the table becomes a big challenge. Bugesera in Rwanda…More

Drug Addict's Wife

Renny, a Deaf man who is addicted to two things. First thing, his dream of making a documentary about Deaf homeless hooked on crack cocaine and make money out of it to build a recovery house for them…More

Improv(e), A Documentary About Teaching Inner City Teens

Improv(e), follows the work of the Unusual Suspects Theater Company; a group of talented professional actors, teaching improv to a group of African- American and Hispanic kids age 14 to 17 in an afte…More

Shame - A Documentary About Unwed Mothers in Morocco

In Morocco, for years more and more women give birth outside of marriage, known as single mothers. In the predominantly Muslim country, this is still considered as a violation of law and religion but…More

Three Shorts: Condo Commando, Ponzi and China West

Condo Commando is about the crimes, fraud, and control freaks in condo and hoa lifestyles in Florida. Ponzi, Ponzi, Ponzi is about the system and it's failures including the greed factor, the innocen…More

"From Prison To Hollywood"

FROM PRISON TO HOLLYWOOD In 1972 on August 15th Jason Rodriguez was born in Spanish Harlem and than raised in the Bronx. He is an only child and was sent to catholic schools by his parents Maria & J…More

In Production: The Ecstacy of Exile

In this film we will follow the daily lives of Naomi, Marie, Michael and Lucy- four women who have left the comforts of their homes in the USA/Canada/Britain and the security of their high paid jobs …More

Title: 'For the sake of god'

In a couple of week's time, me and my husband, Amol Gole, will beshooting a documentary on India's oldest and Asia's largest pilgrimage.Lakhs of devotees walk a 240 kilometre journey in a span of 15 …More

The Rebuild Your Life Project

On April 11, 2011, the publisher of MySavvySisters.Com gave away all of her personal belongings including her apartment to become homeless on the streets of Hollywood, Florida. She is posting videos …More

A Community Concern: A Documentary About Education

“[The film] highlights the failures each group confronts and how they craft their strategies… A Community Concern is a valuable resource from the front lines of education organizing.̶…More

Universal Healthcare for the Elephant and the Mouse

I can instantly see the storyboard elements. For one, "streeter" interviews with Americans and Canadians would neatly set up the massive dearth of information about this huge issue, particularly on t…More

Autism---When a Door Closes, God Opens Up a Window

We Are Reversing The Symptoms of Autism Using Natural TreatmentsUsing a natural diet, natural supplementation, programming, scheduling, educating, and detoxing through lifestyle changes, we are rever…More

Max Kennedy and the American Dream

The film is a visceral, first-person, experiential account of one year in the life of Max Kennedy, a Minuteman, modern day outlaw and ant-establishment dissident, . It captures his gritty life on the…More

When I Fell In Love

The film narrates the story of my love, which began 5 years ago with a girl in the West Bank. I lov…More

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