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International Documentary Association - Overview of the IDA


What is the International Documentary Association (IDA)?:

IDA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes nonfiction filmmakers, and is dedicated to increasing public awareness for the documentary genre. At IDA, we believe that the power and artistry of the documentary art form are vital to cultures and societies globally, and we exist to serve the needs of those who create this art form. Our major program areas are: Advocacy, Filmmaker Services, Education, and Public Programs and Events. IDA was founded in 1982 and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

The Mission of the International Documentary Association (IDA):

IDA's primary mission is advocacy for documentary filmmakers and the protection of their legal rights. IDA is at the forefront of support of documentary filmmakers on major issues such as Fair Use, Net Neutrality, First Ammendment Rights and other important and controversial issues presently confronting documentary filmmakers.

IDA also promotes documentary filmmaking as a vital art form, and seeks ways to ensure that documentary filmmakers receive the funding that they need and deserve.

Services and Programs of the International Documentary Association (IDA):

Filmmaker Services

  • IDA Membership gives access to current information regarding issues facing documentary filmmakers, serves as a viable vehicle for industry networking, and provides other benefits.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship in the form of funding and grants is available to members with projects in production.
  • Documentary Magazine is a quarterly publication providing essential information that keeps readers on track with industry developments.
  • Documentary.org, the organization's official Website is a vital portal into the industry, providing up-to-date information and opportunities to connect with the documentary film world.
  • Docs Rock is a two-semester program that introduces high school students to the world of documentary filmmaking. The first semester focuses on critical viewing and analyses of nonfiction films, and during the second semester the students apply their new knowledge and produce their very own documentary.
  • Doc U is a series of hands-on educational seminars and workshops for aspiring and experienced documentary filmmakers, taught by artists and industry experts. Participants receive vital training and insight on various topics including fundraising, distribution, marketing, business strategies, among other topics.

Public Programs and Events

  • IDA Documentary Awards is an annual event recognizing and honoring outstanding documentary films and filmmakers. Hosted by IDA's Board of Directors and Trustees, the ceremony recognizes significant achievements in documentary filmmaking in several categories, including the Career Achievement Award, Pioneer Award, and Music Documentary Award.
  • DocuWeeks presents short and feature length documentaries to appreciative audiences in theatrical runs designed to qualify the films for consideration for the Academy Awards' documentary categories. DocuWeeks screenings take place annually in New York City and Los Angeles. Since its inception in 1997, 17 documentaries shown during DocuWeeks have gone to be nominated for the Oscar and seven have won the award.
  • DocuDays is IDA's annual screening of the year's best documentaries, Oscar nominated shorts and features and Independent Spirit Award winners. This event increases public awareness and appreciation for non-fiction films, and takes place in both New York City and Los Angeles.

Contact Information

1201 W. 5th St., Suite M270
Los Angeles, CA 90017 USA
Phone: 213.534.3600
Fax: 213.534.3610

Email: info@documentary.org

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