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Documentary Film Venues

Documentary film represents a special niche in filmdom, and although that niche is becoming more popular and powerful, some documentary films are hard to find. Blockbusters like Sicko and Oscar winners like An Inconvenient Truth are screened in multiplexes. But it may take some effort to find more obscure--but equally worthwhile--documentary films. What are the best, most likely venues for finding the widest variety of documentaries? Read on.
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  2. Documentaries On TV (8)

Documentary Audience Development and Recruitment
The big challenge for documentary filmmakers and distributors is audience development -- converting die hard blockbuster fans into devoted documentary watchers. It's a hard task. But there's hope.

Ally Derks Interview @ IDFA 2013
A Conversational Catch Up With IDFA Director Ally Derks, November 23, 2013, in Amsterdam

MoMA's Documentary Fortnight - 2013
The Museum of Modern Art's Documentary Fortnight presents outstanding documentary films in its theaters during the month of February.

DCTV - New York's Downtown Community Television Center - An Overview
An overview of New York's Downtown Community Television Center, including its history, administration, educational courses and production facilities.

Documentary Films Opening In Theaters in January 2012
An annotated list of theatrical release dates for documentaries during the month of January 2012.

New York Times Offers New Ops For Documentary Filmmakers
The New York Times is offering documentary filmmakers a new opporuntity to show their work in short form on line. Here are the details.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2011 - It's A Wrap!
A report from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2011, including coverage of the films and events that made the festival, held from June 8 to 12, a first rate documentary film event.

The Transmedia Approach to Documentary Development and Marketing
Transmedia is a new buzz word in the documentaries realm. Find out here what transmedia means and why it's the wave of the future.

Tribeca Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival is a major international film festival that takes place in New York City every April. The festival premieres documentaries and narrative features, as well as documentary and narrative shorts.

'Women And Girls Lead' Documentaries Series From ITVS
'Women and Girls Lead' is a global multiyear initiative launched by ITVS to use documentary films to raise consciousness about and support women's activism regarding a wide range of social and political issues.

STF - Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Screening Series - Overview
An overview of STF, the Stranger Than Fiction program, which is New York City's premiere documentary film screening series.

International Documentary Association - Overview of the IDA
An overview of the International Documentary Association, a non-profit professional organization that promotes and protects the interests of documentary filmmakers.

Form A Documentaries Club
Form a documentaries viewing club to share the work and pleasures of tracking down the docs you want to watch. It's a great way to avoid the frustrations of waiting to watch documentaries that may not make it to your local theaters.

Tips for Documentaries Club
Here's an opportunity for you to share your experiences with forming a group or club for watching documentaries and discussing them on a regular basis. Do you have any tips for others?

Grass Roots Support for Documentaries - Form A Documentaries Club
Try the grass roots approach to making documentary films more accessible for viewing. Lobby local cinema managers, community arts groups and doc distributors. Most importantly, form a documentaries viewing club to share the work and pleasures of tracking down the docs you want to watch.

Where You Can See Documentary Films
The various venues where you can find and watch documentary films range from local theaters, museums and universities to at home on TV and DVD. Here, you can find out more about documentary film venues.

Travelling for Docs Watching
Want to attend a doc film festival? Making travel plans, finding accommodation and getting tickets can be daunting. This source for travel packages to upcoming film festivals can be a big help--even if you don't book a featured trip, you'll get a good idea and some tips about what's entailed in successfully planning your trip.

Networking Opportunities
The online community of documentary filmmakers and dedicated doc viewers is an excellent source of information about specific films, venues, festivals, screenings series and other subjects of interest. Begin your networking through the portal of Documentary Films.net's online forum.

Locating Hard-To-Find Docs
If you want to see a film that is not being shown in your local theater and/or screening series, you may have to contact the film's distributor for information about where you can find it. This documentary film finder will help you locate hard-to-find films.

Docs on the Internet
Freedocumentaries.org offers free downloads of a wide variety of documentary films and film trailers. Films are arranged by category. A donation is requested, but not required.

Stranger Than Fiction - Fall 2010
In the roster of films selected for it 2010 Fall season, the Stranger Than Fiction documentary screening series continues to present an exceptional collection of new and classic nonfiction films. Screenings take place on Tuesday nights at NYC's IFC Center.

SnagFilms Presents 'Midterm Madness Festival' - 2010
SnagFilms streams hundreds of films in a series to educate viewers about the issues to be considered in 2010 midterm elections, and in shaping America's political future.

IDFA 2010 - IDFA Director Ally Derks Opening Speech
At the opening of IDFA 2010, Festival Director Ally Derks delivers an impassioned speech that sums up the importance and current state of documentary filmmaking in the Netherlands, and around the world, especially targeting funding cutbacks. IDFA is the largest and arguably most important documentaries-only film festival in the world. Derks...

Museum of Modern Art Documentary Fortnight 2011
The Museum of Modern Art in New York City presents its 2011 Documentaries Fortnight, a two-week program of outstanding documentary films from around the world, from February 16 to 28, celebrating the festival's 10th anniversary. The schedule includes 20 feature-length documentary films representing 14 countries, and thematic programming that...

Human Rights Watch Film Festival - 2011 Program
The program of the 2011 Human Rights Watch Film Festival presents 19 films that explore human rights issues around the globe. The Festival takes place from June 16 to 30, 2011, at New York's Lincoln Center.

'Under The Electric Sky' - A 3D Documentary Event In Theaters May 29

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