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The Beaches of Agnes (Les Plages d'Agnes) - Movie Review
French filmmaker Agnes Varda focuses on herself in stylish mix of verite and reenactment in which she examines her childhood on the beach, her marriage to Jacques Demy and her career among cinematic greats such as Jane Birkin, Catherine Deneuve, Robert De Niro, Gérard Depardieu, Harrison Ford, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jim Morrison and Philippe Noiret, among others.

The Stoning of Soraya M. - Movie Review
The Stoning of Soraya is the true story of the stoning to death of a women in rural Iran because her husband falsely accused her of adultry. The shocking story, smuggled out of Iran by an Iranian journalist who was living in France, became a best selling book that brought world wide attention to the stoning of women

Food, Inc. - Movie Review - 2009
Food Inc investigates the industrial production and distribution of food in the United States by large multinational corporations such as Monsanto and Tyson, to the detriment of small independent farmers and to the overall quality of nutrition.

Unmistaken Child - Movie Review - 2008
'Unmistaken Child' is a fascinating documentary that provides rare insight into the intricate processes and rituals whereby Buddhists locate the child whom they consider to be the reincarnation of their recently deceased Geshe Lama Konghog.

Racing Dreams - Movie Review - 2009
Filmmaker Marshall Curry follows three adolescent go-kart racers as they compete for the national championship, in hopes of advancing to careers as professional drivers in NASCAR, one of America's favorite spectator sports.

Pressure Cooker - Movie Review
Pressure Cooker is a documentary about Philadelphia inner city high school students who find their way to a better life by dedicating themselves to Wilma Stephenson's culinary arts class.

Under Our Skin - Movie Review - 2008
'Under Our Skin'presents a thorough investigation of Lyme Disease and its devastating effects on the bodies and lives of several people who are suffering from the affliction. Interviews with doctors, scientists and public health officials provide information about this little known and much feared disease that is reaching epidemic proportions across the United States.

Wink And A Smile - Movie Review - 2009
A Wink And A Smile follows ten aspiring women through the Seattle Academy of Burlesque's six week-long training program that prepares them for their debut performances as strippers.

Nursery University - Movie Review - 2008
Nursery University tracks a cross section of NYC parents trying to get their toddlers into the 'right' nursery schools that will fast track them to placement in elite private schools that will lead them to Ivy League colleges that promise eventual fame, fortune and fulfillment of the larger-than-life American dream.

Nursery University - Movie Review - 2008
<I>Nursery University</I> tracks a cross section of NYC parents trying to get their toddlers into the 'right' nursery schools that will fast track them to placement in elite private schools that will lead them to Ivy League colleges that promise eventual fame, fortune and fulfillment of the larger-than-life American dream.

'Eleven Minutes' - 2009 - Movie Review
Eleven Minutes covers the real life fashion runway debut of Jay McCarroll, the designer who won the first season of Project Runway, the fashion biz reality TV show.

The Cross - The Arthur Blessitt Story - Movie Review - 2009
The Cross - The Arthur Blessitt Story is about the 40-year journey of Arthur, Blessitt, who walked around the world with a twelve-foot cross on his back.

Forbidden Lies - Movie Review - 2009
Forbidden Lies is nonfiction thriller about Norma Khouri, a Jordanian women who wrote a best-selling nonfiction book about the 'honor killing' of a women in Amman. The story she told turned about to be a fabrication. Was Khouri motivated by wanting to make the world aware of the horrors of 'honor killings,' or is she an exceptionally cunning con artist who will exploit anyone and any situation--including the making of the film?

Religulous Review
Irreverent comedian Bill Maher travels around the world from the Wailing Wall to the Vatican to backwater America challenging religious pundits and just plain folk about their various religious beliefs.

My Neighbor My Killer - Movie Review - 2009
Anne Aghion's My Neighbor My Killer documents the mandated process of reconciliation in Rwanda, following the genocide of Tutsis by Hutus in 1994.

Nanking (2007) - Movie Review
A documentary film about the brutal massacre of 200,000 Chinese civilians by Japanese soldiers during the World War II occupation of Nanking.

Every Little Step - Movie Review - 2008
In [I]Every Little Step[/I], directors James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo chronicle the audition process for the 2006 Broadway revival of [I]A Chorus Line[/I], Michael Bennett’s legendary musical that shows a group of talented young ‘gypsies’ who are auditioning for a new musical show. Behind-the-scenes glimpses at Broadway's audition process are fascinating, and the talented performers are superbly entertaining.

Disarm. - Movie Review - 2009
Disarm. is an in depth study and status report about the humanitarian effort, lead by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams, to ban the manufacture and trade of all landmines, and to find, remove and disarm all of the landmines that are still endangering innocent citizens in war-torn countries around the globe.

Ballerina - Movie Review - 2009
French filmmaker Bertrand Normand's lovely, revealing portrait of five leading Russian ballerinas and their careers at St. Petersburg's Kirov Ballet.

The Lobotomist - Movie Review - 2008
In [i]The Lobotomist[/i], filmmakers Barak Goodman and John Maggio present the life, work and times of Dr. Walter Freeman, the physician who conceived of, promoted and practiced the life-altering surgical procedure known as lobotomy as a cure for mental illness. The operation was praised by the Nobel Prize Committee, but later condemned by the medical profession and relatives of lobotomized patients. Using archival footage and interviews, the film questions whether Dr. Freeman a genius or a monster?

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2008) - Movie Review
Alex Gibney's documentary about the drug-influenced career of iconic countercultural journalist Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is a fascinating account of the 1960s and 70s.

Mr. Untouchable (2007) - Movie Review
Documentary director Marc Levin's film is about Leroy "Nicky" Barnes, the notorious gangster who ran the heroin trade in Harlem until he was indicted, then turned State's evidence and entered the witness protection program.

Moving Midway Movie Review - A Review of rhe Documentary Film Moving Midway 2007
Moving Midway is Godfrey Cheshire's documentary about the relocation of his family's ancestral home, an antebellum North Carolina plantation house--named Midway--from it's original foundation, now surrounded by Raleigh's urban sprawl, to a quieter, more secluded spot several miles away. It is also a smart and perceptive treatise on the changing South, family values and race relations.

Movie Review of Waltz With Bashir - 2008
In Waltz With Bashir, documentary filmmaker Ari Folman investigates the meaning of his own troubling dreams and memories generated by his wartime experiences while fighting with the Israeli army in Lebanon. The film, produced entirely in animation which gives it a disturbingly surrealistic and dreamlike quality, pushes the boundaries of documentary filmmaking, making it a profoundly compelling and creative representation of the horrors of war and their long-lasting effects on the human psyche.

Review of Blessed Is The Match - 2008
Blessed Is The Match - The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh is the heartbreaking Holocaust story of a young Jewish women, Hannah Senesh, who'd emigrated from Hungary to Palestine, but parachuted into her native country to try to save the Jewish community--including her mother--from death at the hands of Hungarian Nazis.

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