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Orgasm, Inc. - Movie Review of Orgasm, Inc. - 2009

The Race For The Woman's Orgasm Pill

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Orgasm, Inc. - Movie Review of Orgasm, Inc. - 2009

Orgasm, Inc - The Pill

First Run Features
“Orgasm, Inc.“ is Liz Canner’s entertaining and infuriating expose about the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry’s medicalization and commercialization of female sexuality.
Canner, initially hired to create erotic tapes for use in the testing of a 'female Viagra,' found that Vivus and other drug companies were pressuring authorities to define fluctuations in a woman's sexual desire, response to stimulation and degree of pleasure as a new disease called Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), and then seeking FDA approval for drugs to treat it.

With millions in profits at stake, pharmaceutical companies were (and are) racing to get the first orgasm-enhancing cream or patch approved by the FDA and to the marketplace.

Canner shows how mainstream media embraced the industry-generated FSD stats, and jumped on the bandwagon for new treatments as they were announced to the public. Notably, archival clips show Oprah Winfrey headlining FSD on her popular talk show. And, in interviews, Chicago-based Dr. Laura Berman, MD, who is now featured on Oprah's OWN network, recommends various orgasm treatments, although they've not been FDA approved. In an interesting twist, Canner reveals that Dr. Laura failed to reveal that she was on a pharmaceutical company's payroll while recommending the orgasm treatments.

Orgasm, Inc. - The Race For FDA Approval

First Run Features
Then, Canner investigates orgasm gadgets, including Orgasmatron, a wire-like stimulator that's inserted into the body through the spinal column, and threaded downwards to the vaginal area. Press a button and it vibrates, ostensibly stimulating orgasm. Really! One test subject demonstrates her results: she pushes the button and her left leg jerks up. Disappointed, she comes to realize that sexuality isn't mechanical, and she should embrace hers as it is.

Even more extreme, one woman speaks up about her life-threatening experience with vaginal cosmetic surgery, a vanity procedure that's currently performed in some 200 clinics worldwide.

Canner presents convincing testimony from well-credentialed, highly credible physicians, researchers, psychologists and sex toy purveyors -- female sexuality experts, all -- who state unequivocally that there is no such thing as FSD, and that treatments being pushed by drug makers are not only ineffective, but can be dangerous to health.

If you're at all concerned about pornographic content, you needn't be. Canner's interviews with patients seeking treatment and participating in drug testing is always discreet. Aside from a few moderately risque clips that were used in the erotic tapes she prepared for Vivus, there is no sexually explicite footage in Orgasm, Inc.. Canner does effectively use animation to show pills and patches racing towards FDA approval, which adds levity to what might otherwise be a very tender and troubling topic. Orgasm, Inc. is a must-see for women of all ages, for their partners, and for their physicians.

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Film Details:

  • Title: Orgasm, Inc.
  • Director: Liz Canner
  • Release Date: February 11, 2011 (limited)
  • Running Time: 73 mins.
  • Parental Advisory: Content advisory for parents
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Company: Astrea Media
  • Distribution Company: First Run Features
  • Official Website
  • Trailer

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