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One Lucky Elephant - Movie Review of One Lucky Elephant - 2010

Flora Needs A New Home


One Lucky Elephant - Movie Review of One Lucky Elephant - 2010

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Crossover Productions
Sixteen years ago, when David Balding adopted Flora, an orphaned African elephant, she was just two years old. Balding, a circus producer, treated Flora as if she were his child, raising her with loving care and making her the star of the Flora Circus. Flora loved performing when she was a young. But as she matured, she became increasingly aggressive. Flora was, it seemed, no longer suited for circus life. She needed the company of other elephants. David Balding, who grew to love Flora as he would his child, was faced with the difficult task of finding Flora a new home. environment.

There's An Elephant In The Room!

Nine years in the making, this documentary shows the close and remarkable relationship between David Balding and Flora. He is her constant companion, and she is both devoted to him and needful of his complete attention. She is smart and sentient, and knows how to work the crowd and tug on Baldings heartstrings.

But, when it's clear that Flora has outgrown her circus environment, Balding must find her a suitable home that meets her needs. It is necessary for her, at this point, to be among other elephants, to be part of a herd. Additionally, Balding is aging, and it is increasingly difficult for him to take proper care of Flora.

But where to you lodge an elephant that has outgrown your habitat? Opportunities for placement are not at all easy to come by.

The film follows Balding in his search for a permanent home for Flora. His task is made all the more difficult because he loves Flora and feels responsible for her. Delivering her into cruel circumstances is absolutely beyond possibility.

There is wonderful footage of the interaction between Balding and Flora. They've been family to each other for a long time and there's an extraordinary bond between them. And, they both have a lot of personality, so there's a lot of entertainment in store.

This documentary provides a wonderful behind the scenes look at a small independent circus and the very special circus lifestyle. But Flora is really the star of the show, and thankfully filmmaker Lisa Leeman gives her the full star treatment she deserves. Flora is a crowd pleaser. So is this film!

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Film Details:

  • Title: One Lucky Elephant
  • Directors: Lisa Leeman
  • Theatrical release Date: June 8, 2011 (limited)
  • Running Time: 82 mins
  • Parental Advisory: Content advisory for parents
  • Country: USA
  • Locations: USA, including Pennsylvania, Missouri and Tennessee
  • Language: English
  • Production Company: Crossover Productions, Sandbar Pictures
  • Official Website
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