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Gloria In Her Own Words - Movie Review - 2011

A Tribute to Gloria Steinem

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Gloria In Her Own Words - Movie Review - 2011

Gloria Steinem in Gloria In Her Own Words

HBO Documentaries
Peter Kunhardt's profile of and tribute to Gloria Steinem, the famous founder of Ms. Magazine and a leading proponant of women's equal rights, uses interviews with Steinhem, Bella Abzug and others to chronicle the career of the woman who has been the public face of feminism for decades.

Gloria Steinem Up Close and Personal

Ms. Gloria Steinem has played a major role in women's ongoing struggle to attain equal rights and equality in the US and around the globe. Her career, including both her famous undercover stint as a Playboy bunny and her achievements as founder and editor of Ms. Magazine, reflects a determination and work ethic that few can rival.

Chronicling Steinmen's career, mostly through her on camera commentary about her past exploits, the film serves as a tribute to the woman at the center of the women's movement and a history of that movement and women's struggles for equal rights. In her interviews, Steinhem is characteristically candid, unusually introspective and remarkably insightful about her attitudes towards such subjects as marriage, children, her mother and father, being pretty, Bella Abzug, women's responsibilities and social justice. She is down to earth, no nonsense, smart and compelling.

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Film Details:

  • Title: Gloria: In Her Own Words
  • Director: Peter Kunhardt
  • Release Date: August 15, 2011 (HBO Broadcast)
  • Parents Advisory: for some content
  • Locations: New York
  • Language: English
  • Distribution: HBO Documentaries

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