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For the Bible Tells Me So (2007) - Movie Review

The Real Meaning of Scripture

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For the Bible Tells Me So (2007) - Movie Review

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Are Scripture and homosexuality mutually exclusive? Theologians and academics interviewed in Daniel Karslake's documentary film say no, and they back up their opinions with quotations from the Bible.

A Misunderstanding of Biblical Proportions

In For the Bible Tells Me So, documentary filmmaker Daniel Karslake reveals the ways in which Scripture has been used to discriminate against homoexual men and women, and shows how literal — and oft inaccurate — interpretations of the Bible are causing widespread despair and the destruction of lives.

The Cast of Characters

Karslake’s cast of characters includes Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, who point blank tells his congregation he’ll kill any man who looks at him funny, and anti-gay activist Anita Bryant, who gets a pie in the face at a press conference. They are juxtaposed with numerous everyday folk--mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons--who truly believe in Scripture and are trying desperately to reconcile the homosexuality that exists in their families with their understanding of and wish to abide by the Bible.

Among the Individual stories told in For the Bible Tells Me So, that of presidential candidate Dick Gephardt’s daughter Chrissy Gephardt, who came out as a Lesbian while her father was on the campaign trail, stands out because of her family‘s high profile. But the stories of others who live in all corners of the United States are equally moving.

Experts Concur

Through interviews with theologians and academics, Karslake reveals just how the Bible has been misread. The experts point out that “Biblical Literalism” the 20th century interpretation of the Bible that takes its every word at its literal meaning, is clearly misleading. Scripture, they say, should be understood within the historical and cultural context in which it was written.

Good Storytelling

Karslake grabs you with compelling storytelling. He intercuts and interweaves individual narratives in a way that engages you, makes you curious about the outcome. While maintaining a high degree of dramatic tension and suspense, Karslake always shows tremendous respect for and sensitivity towards his subjects.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that For the Bible Tells Me So is filled with enlightening insights that inform Bible readers that, for one thing, Scripture should not be used as an excuse to persecute and, for another thing, that Scripture and homosexuality are not mutually exclusive.

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