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Primetime Emmy Awards For Documentaries

Primetime Emmy Awards Categories for Nonfiction Programming


Primetime Emmy Awards For Documentaries

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For the Primetime Emmy Awards, documentaries are eligible for consideration in the following nonfiction categories:

  • Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking
  • Nonfiction Cinematography
  • Direction For Nonfiction Programming
  • Nonfiction Special Program
  • Nonfiction Picture Editing
  • Nonfiction Sound Editing
  • Nonfiction Sound Mixing
  • Nonfiction Writing

You'll notice that the categories are designated 'nonfiction,' and not 'documentary.' That's because in these Primetime Emmy Awards categories, documentary films are competing with other nonfiction programs -- such as reality shows -- for the 'nonfiction' Emmy statuettes. See the list of 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards nonfiction nominees for an example of the range of productions considered for each award.

Additionally, Primetime Emmys are awarded in these Nonfiction Categories

  • Best Nonfiction Series
  • Reality Competition Program
  • Host for a Reality or Reality Competition Program
  • Picture Editing for Reality Program
  • Art Direction for Variety, Music or Nonfiction Programming
  • Children's Nonfiction, Reality or Reality Competition Programming
  • Short Format Nonfiction Programs

See the Emmy Awards Overview for more information about Emmy Awards for nonfiction programming and production.

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