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Golden Trailer Awards 2012 Documentary Winners


Golden Trailer Awards 2012 Documentary Winners

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Golden Trailer Awards

The Best of the Wonderful Teasers

The annual Golden Trailer Awards recognize outstanding achievement in creating those wonderful teasers that entice us into the theaters to watch movies.

Creating effective movie trailers requires special skills. The trailers must show just enough about the film to excite attention and interest, but not give away so much information that the audience thinks they've seen it all or knows the whole story, or has already seen the best of it.

With more than 50 categories of awards, it's very smart for the Golden Trailer Awards organizers, Evelyn Watters Brady and Monica Brady, to include documentaries in the awards mix -- with one Golden Trailer for best domestic documentary, one for best foreign documentary.

These short documentary trailers are not be confused with the branded content that is currently being touted as 'documentary shorts.'

Documentary trailers are actually very smart condensations of salient scenes from longer nonfiction features that have taken years to research, film, edit and get distributed. Sometimes the trailers, or early versions of them, can help the documentary get funded to completion.

Masterful storytelling is involved. Superb editing. Brilliant sound engineering. All the skills.

The Winners and Nominees

Announced at the Thirteenth Annual Golden Trailer Awards gala on May 31 in Bel Air, California, the winner of this year's Golden Trailer Award for best domestic documentary trailer is George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Martin Scorsese's wonderful biodoc about the beloved Beatle. The trailer is the work of The Ant Farm.

Other nominees for best domestic documentary trailer included: Bully by AV Squad, Dreams of a Life by Picture Production Company, Rebirth by Zealot Productions, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap by Anthony James Productions.

This year's winner of the Golden Trailer Award for best foreign documentary Anton Corbijn's Inside Out trailer by Zealot Productions.

Other nominees included: Jig by Zealot ProductionsPink Ribbons, Inc. by Zealot Productions, Presunto Culpable by FIX COMUNICACION, The Tall Man by The Solid State.

The 2012 Jurors

The 2012 Golden Trailer Awards jurors were movie industry honchos, including Jon Favreau, Patton Oswalt, Ivan Reitman, Amy Baer, Dana Brunetti, Randall Emmett, George Furla, Jessica Hall, Alix Madigan, Nancy Utley, Faye Ward, director Mark Waters, and Stuart Wurtzel. Note that none of these jurors is a documentary filmmaker!

For information about the Golden Trailer Awards and its organizers, Evelyn Brady Watters and Monica Brady, and for a list of the 2012 winners in other categories, visit the Golden Trailer Awards Website

Disclaimer: I have served as a juror for the Golden Trailer Awards.

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