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2009 Emmy Awards Nominees for Best Documentary

A List of Films Nominated for Best Documentary Emmy in 2009


2009 Emmy Awards Nominees for Best Documentary

'Nanking' Poster Art

'Best Documentary' is one of 33 categories in which Emmy awards are presented for nonfiction production, including news and feature length coverage of subjects in science, technology and nature, arts and culture, history, politics and social issues. The 2009 Emmy nominees for Best Documentary are:

  • Nanking

    • Presented by Cinemax Reel Life
    • Producer/Director: Bill Guttentag
    • Director: Dan Sturman

  • China's Stolen Children

    • Presented by HBO Documentary Films
    • Executive Producers: Sheila Nevins, Kevin Sutcliffe
    • Director: Jezza Neumann

  • Taxi to the Dark Side

    • Presented by HBO Documentary Films
    • Executive Producers: Sidney Blumenthal, Don Glascoff, Robert Johnson, Jedd Wider, Todd Wider
    • Producer/Director: Alex Gibney

  • Gorilla Murders
    • Presented by National Geographic Explorer
    • Executive Producer: Jonathan Halperin
    • Producer/Director: Michael Davie

  • The Devil Came On Horseback

    • Presented by National Geographic Channel
    • Producers/Directors: Gretchen Wallace, Jane Wells
    • Directors: Ricki Stern, Annie Sundberg

  • Inheritance

    • Presented by PBS P.O.V.
    • Executive Producers: Simon Kilmurry, Chris Malachowsky, Ryan Malachowsky
    • Director: James Moll

The list of all nominees in all categories is on the Emmys Website.

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