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2011 IDA Awards

International Documentary Association Awards for 2011


The 2011 IDA Awards were presented at the International Documentary Association's annual fundraiser on December 2, 2011, at the Directors Guild Theater in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by IDA Board President Eddie Schmidt, with filmmakers Josh Fox and Tiffany Shlain. Here are the winners (and nominees) in all categories:

Best Feature Award:

  • Nostalgia For The Light - Winner - Director/Writer: Patricio Guzmán (Chile)
  • Better This World - Directors/Producers/Writers: Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega (USA)
  • How To Die In Oregon - Director/Producer: Peter D. Richardson (USA)
  • The Redemption of General Butt Naked - Directors/Producers: Eric Strauss & Daniele Anastasion (USA)
  • The Tiniest Place (El Lugar Mas Pequeno) - Director: Tatiana Huezo (El Salvador)

Best Short Award:

  • Poster Girl - Winner - Director/Producer: Sara Nesson (USA)
  • Broken Doors - Director/Producer: Goro Toshima (USA)
  • Maya Deren's Sink - Director/Producer/Writer: Barbara Hammer
  • Minka - Director/Producer: Davina Pardo (USA/Japan)
  • The Warriors Of Qiugang - Director/Producer: Ruby Yang

Best Limited Series Award:

  • Boomtown - Winner - Executive Producer/Director: Rachel Libert - Discovery Channel- Planet Green
  • If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise - Director/Producer: Spike Lee - HBO Documentary Films
  • Michael Feinstein's American Songbook - Director/Producer/Writer: Amber Edwards - PBS
  • The National Parks Project - Directors: Brenda Kovrig, Mike Downie, David New, Sarah Goodman, Jeff Thrasher, Sean Michael Turrell, Ryan J. Noth, Geoff Morrison - FilmOption International
  • On Series - Directors: Tom Barbor-Might, Jon Brooks, Neil Edson - Current TV

Best Continuing Series Award: POV Winner - Executive Producer: Simon Kilmurry Co-Executive Producer: Cynthia López - American Documentary/POV

  • 30 For 30 - Executive Producers: Keith Clinkscales, John Dahl, Joan Lynch, Connor Schell, Bill Simmons, John Skipper, John Walsh - ESPN Films
  • American Experience - Executive Producer: Mark Samels - PBS
  • The Passionate Eye - Executive Producer: Catherine Olsen - CBC News Network
  • Vanguard - Executive Producers: Jim Fraenkel, Adam Yamaguchi - Current TV

David L. Wolper Student Documentary Award:

This award recognizes exceptional achievement in non-fiction film and video production at the university level and brings greater public and industry awareness to the work of students in the documentary field.

  • Guanape Sur - Winner - Director/Executive Producer/Writer: János Richter - ZeLIG School for Documentary, Andanafilms, Icarus Films
  • Heart-QuakeDirector/Writer: Mark Olexa - ZeLIG School for Documentary
  • River of Victory - Director/Producer: Trevor Wright - Full Mountain Pictures, Brigham Young University
  • Smoke Signs - Director/Producer/Writer: Briar March - On the Level Productions, Standford University
  • Transit - Director/Writer: Regina Tan - Chapman University Singapore, Chapman University

strong>Humanitas Documentary Award:

The Humanitas Documentary Award is given to a documentarian whose film strives to unify the human family by exploring the stories of human beings who are different in culture, race, lifestyle, political loyalties and religious beliefs.

  • Position Among The Stars (Stand van de Sterren) - Winner - Director/Writer: Leonard Retel Helmrich - Scarabee Films and HUMAN Broadcasting in association with HBO Documentary Films
  • The Carrier - Director/Producer/Writer: Maggie Betts - Tent Full of Birds Productions
  • How To Die In Oregon - Director/Producer: Peter D. Richardson - Clearcut Productions in association with HBO Documentary Films
  • The Learning - Director/Producer/Writer: Ramona S. Diaz - CineDiaz, POV, Women Make Movies
  • The Tiniest Place (El Lugar Mas Pequeno) - Director: Tatiana Huezo - Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica/Foprocine

ABCNews Videosource Award:

This award is given each year for the best use of news footage as an integral component in a documentary.

  • The Pruitt-Igoe Myth - Winner - Director/Producer/Writer: Chad Freidrichs - Unicorn Stencil Documentary Films
  • The Green Wave - Director/Writer: Ali Samadi Ahadi - Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion, Red Flag Releasing
  • Michael Feinstein's American Songbook, Episode 2, Best Band In The Land - Director/Producer/Writer: Amber Edwards - Hudson West Productions, PBS
  • POV - The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers - Directors/Producers/Writers: Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith - ITVS, American Documentary/POV
  • Reagan - Director/Producer/Writer: Eugene Jarecki - Charlotte Street Films in association with HBO Documentary Films

Pare Lorentz AwardL

The Pare Lorentz Award recognizes films that demonstrates exemplary filmmaking while focusing on the appropriate use of the natural environment, justice for all and the illumination of pressing social problems.

  • The Last Mountain - Winner - Director/Producer/Writer: Bill Haney - Uncommon Productions, Dada Films, New Video

Creative Recognition Awards (listing winners only):

  • Best Cinematography: - Il Castillo - Cinematography: Massimo D'Anolfi - Directors: Massimo D'Anolfi and Martina Parenti
  • Best Editing: Senna - Editors: Chris King and Gregers Sall - Director: Asif Kapadia
  • Best Music: Better This World - Composer: Paul Brill - Directors: Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega

Career Achievement Award:

Presented to Les Blank, "who has made a major impact on the documentary genre through a long and distinguished body of work. For over 40 years, Les Blank has created films about the lives and music of passionate people who live at the periphery of American society." In previous years, IDA has bestowed its Career Achievement Award on documentary luminaries such as Sheila Nevins, Michael Apted, Ken Burns, Albert Maysles, Haskell Wexler, Michael Moore, Errol Morris and Barbara Kopple.

Jacqueline Donnet Emerging Filmmaker Award: Danfung Dennis, "who has made a significant impact at the beginning of his or her career in documentary film, directing one of the year's most celebrated films, Hell and Back Again. A still photographer who has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2006, Dennis won the 2010 Bayeux-Calvados Award For War Correspondents and in the same year was named one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine.

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