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Reviews Categorized by Subject


In addition to keeping up with newly released documentaries, it's exciting to delve deeply into an area of investigation and/or compare past and present notions about of a subject by watching several films about the same or thematically related topics. Here, you'll find documentary reviews categorized by subjects and themes.
  1. Animals and Wildlife
  2. Autobiographical Documentaries
  3. Biographies About Famous People
  4. Children, Tweens and Teens Worldwide
  5. Environmental Issues and Ecology
  1. Health and Social Welfare
  2. The Middle East and Terrorism
  3. Music and Musicians
  4. Religion and Religious Perspectives
  5. Sports and Gaming

Animals and Wildlife

Documentaries about domestic and wild animals, and about human interaction with them.

Autobiographical Documentaries

These are documentaries in which filmmakers tell their family histories and search for personal truths.

Biographies About Famous People

These are biographical documentaries about famous and infamous people.

Children, Tweens and Teens Worldwide

As if raging hormones weren't enough! These documentaries give us access to the world of today's youth worldwide, to teenagers and tweens facing daunting pressures and hardships, and others who're finding solutions to their problems. Kids are our hope for the future, but what hopes do they have? Collectively, these documentaries present a very interesting, compelling picture of teens growing up in today's world.

Environmental Issues and Ecology

Documentaries that cover environmental issues such as global warming, misuse of natural resources and mishandling of waste materials--and their material and social consequences--create greater awareness of impending dangers and stimulate debate about what we can and must do to prevent ecological disaster.

Health and Social Welfare

Dcumentaries about specific diseases and how individuals or groups deal with them, and covering the broader issues of health policy and insurance, birthing and aging, nutrition, health and the environment, health care in third world countries and trends in health care.

The Middle East and Terrorism

Documentaries covering the Iraq War, U.S. policy in the Middle East. the American government's anti-terrorist tactics and practices and the public debate.

Music and Musicians

Documentaries cover a wide range of musical genres from classical to punk rock, and profile composers and performing artists. They also set trends within their historical, social and cultural contexts.

Religion and Religious Perspectives

Documentaries revealing religious doctrine and practice. investigating and exposing exploitation and abuse by religious leaders of their devoted followers and discussing the historical, political and cultural context of religious movements.

Sports and Gaming

Documentaries about sports teams and individual athletes pursuing their goals.

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