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Documentaries About Religion

Documentaries That Explore Religions, Religious Topics, Ethics and Social Mores


These documentaries focus on religious doctrines and practice, as well as related subjects such as the investigation and exposure of exploitation and abuse by religious leaders of their devoted followers and the discussion of the historical, political and cultural context of religious movements.

Bloodline (2008)

Cinema Libre Studio

In his investigation of the legend that Jesus survived crucifixion, married Mary Magdalene and fathered children who married French royalty, British director Bruce Burgess claims to present new evidence--including the mummified body of Mary Magdalene.

The Cross - The Arthur Blessitt Story (2009)

Gener8Xion Entertainment
The Cross - The Arthur Blessitt Story is a about a guy who’s walked around the world--literally--during the past 40 years, carrying a twelve-foot cross on his back, traversing every land mass on Earth. This film documents mixes home video of his mission with interviews about its purpose.

Deliver Us From Evil (2006)

A compelling exposé about the ongoing pedophilia of Father Oliver O'Grady and extensive child abuse by the Catholic clergy.

For The Bible Tells Me So (2007)

First Run Features
Are Scripture and homosexuality mutually exclusive? Theologians and academics interviewed in Daniel Karslake's documentary film say no, and they back up their opinions with quotations from the Bible.

Jesus Camp (2006)

Magnolia Pictures
Academy Award-nominated Jesus Camp is an extraordinary exposé about the well-organized Evangelical indoctrination of children in heartland America to become soldiers for Christ. It serves as a cautionary tale about fundamentalist Christian recruitment and conditioning of preteens to prepare them to battle al-Qaeda, whose kids fast, bare arms and sacrifice themselves for Islam.

Jonestown: The Life and Death of the Peoples Temple (2006)

PBS Home Video
Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple traces the rise and fall of cult leader Jim Jones, notorious for instigating a mass suicide (or, as some would say, murder) that made headlines around the world.

Religulous (2008)

Irreverent comedian Bill Maher travels around the world from the Wailing Wall to the Vatican to backwater America challenging religious pundits and just plain folk about their various religious beliefs.

What Would Jesus Buy? (2007)

Warrior Poets
Before rushing in to spend rashly in buying stuff gifts for those who are near and dear, see Rob VanAlkemade’s documentary, What Would Jesus Buy?, to remind you that conspicuous consumption isn’t what love is all about.

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