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Documentaries About The Economic Crisis

Documentaries Provide Insight About The Current Economic Crisis


If you want a better understanding of the economic crisis, these documentaries provide valuable insights about how America and Americans have gotten so deeply into debt, and how that affects the global economy. The films suggest there are ways you and the nation can improve the situation by changing spending patterns and habits.

Chasing Madoff

An insightful view about the cause of America's economic woes is revealed as investigator Harry Makopolos' repeated efforts to expose Bernie Madoff's enormous Ponzi scheme go unheeded for decades by authorities, giving Madoff time to operate without censure.


Go Digital Media Group
Not as famous as the Bernie Madoff fraud case, but certainly involving huge sums of capital and causing tremedous economic upheaval, the case of Marc Drier is followed by filmmaker Marc Simon, who filed Drier as he was under house arrest, awaiting the judgement that could sentence him to jail for the rest of his life. A fascinating profile of Drier, and a serious consideration about appropriate punishemnt for a serious economic crime.

Why Poverty? - Documentary Series

Noujaim Films

Commissioned by Steps International, an international nonprofit, this excellent series of eight one-hour documentaries tells personal stories that focus public awareness on the causes and possible solutions for world wide poverty, including circumstances of intolerable economic inequality and problems inherent to the current system of economic aid and trade.

Capitalism: A Love Story

michael moore
Filmmaker Michael Moore's unique take on exposing the ways in which Wall Street moguls and the denizens of Capital Hill have caused the current economic crisis and he visits various economic instutions trying to recover the money lost by Americans due to the actions of corporations and Congress.

Inside Job

Filmmaker and journalist Charles Ferguson's comprehensive and well researched analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008 -- which, at a cost over $20 trillion, was the worst recession since the Great Dpression and caused millions of people to lose their jobs and homes -- will alarm you. The film focuses on specific events and presents the entire cast of characters -- public servants, government officials, financial service company, bank executives and academincs -- involved in creating the crisis that nearly lead to world wide economic collapse, and had lasting detrimental effects on the middle and working classes around the globe.


Agora Entertainment
Patrick Creadon's eye-opening documentary uses easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs to illustrate the magnitude of our nation's debt addiction and to show its effect on our current and future economic situations.

The Best Government Money Can Buy?

A thorough primer about the efficacy of lobbying as practiced in Washington, D.C.

The End of Poverty?

Cinema Libre
Interviewing scholars and policy makers, filmmaker Phillipe Diaz presents a thoroughly researched treatise on why poverty exists when there is so much wealth in the world. An important primer for all who are trying to understand this phenomenon in the US economy and played out in nations around the globe.
Compare Prices


Filmmaker Jeffrey Blitz shows that winning the lottery an make bad changes in winners' lives, as well as good. Along with several individual winner stories, Blitz presents a compact and fascinating history of lottery playing in the US, and shows how it has been used to raise funds for various government agencies and projects.

Nursery University

Variance Films
Feeling pressured to provide the best for their beloved offspring, NYC parents behave like sharks in a feeding frenzy when their children become age-eligible for admission to top nursery schools known as feeder schools for top primary schools known as feeder schools to top high schools known as feeder schools for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia and the other Ivies known as feeder schools for positions of power around the world.

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