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Popular Documentary Subjects

If there is a subject that interests you, there is probably a documentary film about it. People, places, events past and present, culture and sports, science and the environment are all documentary film subjects. You'll enjoy the sweep of documentary film subjects categorized here.

Documentaries for Viewing During Black History Month 2014 - Part One

Documentaries That Inspire New Year's Resolutions
Looking for New Year's resolutions? Let the twelve documentaries on this list inspire you to make a difference during the new year.

Documentaries for Veteran's Day 2014

Documentaries for the Winter Holiday Season

'Why Poverty?' Documentary Series
A series of eight documentary films that questions why world wide poverty continues to exist despite aid and relief efforts.

Documentaries for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
A list of documentaries recommended for watching during Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- in October of each year.

ESPN's 'Nine by IX' Documentary Series
ESPN launches a Female-centric documentary series entitled 'Nine by IX' in honor of Title IX's 40th anniversary.

Top Documentaries About Fine Art and Artists
An annotated list of documentaries about fine art and artists.

Biographical Documentaries by Film Title - A to Z
An A to Z List of Documentaries About Famous and Infamous People

Holocaust Documentaries - A List of Documentaries About The Holocaust
A list of documentaries chronicling the horrors and presenting stories of personal heroism during the Nazi Holocaust.

A List of Documentaries for Watching At Thanksgiving
Appropriate for watching with family and friends, these documentaries will lead to greater understanding of the production, distribution and preparation of food -- an essential element in the celebration of Thanksgiving -- in the United States, and around the world.

Pre-Election Day Documentaries
An annotated list of issue-oriented documentaries that will help you ponder current political, social, economic and environmental concerns, and decide which candidate represents your opinions most closely.

Weather Alert: Hurricane Watch Documentaries
Are you preparing for heavy weather that's heading your way? Here's a list of documentaries to watch before or during a hurricane, or in its wake and aftermath. Real information about what's causing rough weather, and what needs to be done to prevent worsening climatic conditions.

Documentaries for New Year's Resolutions for 2012
A list of documentary films to inspire New Year's resolutions for 2012

Documentaries For Labor Day: People with Unusual Professions
A list of documentaries about people with unusual professions. Ideal for watching on Labor Day 2012.

Documentaries for Veterans Day 2011
For Veterans Day 2011, a list of documentaries that honor soldiers, show what they endure while in combat, and how they readjust to civilian life when they return home.

Documentaries About The World's Economic Crisis
Want to understand why the world's economy is circling the drain? See these documentaries for valuable insights that may help you to cope with your own financial concerns.

Documentaries About Cold Places
A list of thrilling documentaries about Antarctica and Earth's other cold places, ideal for watching to escape the sizzle of summer heat waves.

Documentaries About People with Unusual Jobs
A list of documentaries about people who have unusual professions, focusing on their work and lifestyle.

Documentaries for New Year's Resolutions for 2011
In issue oriented documentaries, when the movie is over, the issue continues and can continue for years. Most documentary filmmakers and distributors encourage their audiences to become involved in helping to resolve the issued illuminated in their films. If you find a film's subject -- and issue -- compelling, join the community that's trying...

Tell Us About A Subject That Deserves A Documentary
Documentary filmmakers are always looking for great stories to tell. Do you know of a gripping story, compelling issue, fascinating person or important event that should be the subject of a documentary film? Let us know! See submissions

Mother's Day Documentaries - Movies for Mother's Day
Mother's Day comes once a year, but we can celebrate motherhood and the wonderful things that mothers do every day by honoring the creativity, strength and perseverence of remarkable women. This is a list of documentaries about great women -- mothers, teachers and entertainers -- who have nurtured, inspired and enriched the lives of others.

Documentaries about Food And Nutrition
As the saying goes, we are what we eat. And, it's time to take that saying seriously and evaluate the way in which we produce and distribute comestibles, and revise our consumption to improve our health. These documentaries will not only provide you with valuable information about food production and distribution, they'll inspire you to adopt a healthier eating plan for you and your lov…

Distracting Documentaries
Here's a list of entertaining nonfiction films that offer some distraction from the stresses of real life.

Ten Documentaries That Suggest New Year's Resolutions
In issue oriented documentaries, when the movie is over, the issue continues and can continue for years. Most documentary filmmakers and distributors encourage their audiences to become involved in helping to resolve the issued illuminated in their films. If you find a film's subject -- and issue -- compelling, join the community that's trying...

Ten Documentaries For Veterans Day
Veterans Day celebrates heroes who risk life and limb to protect our values, but many combat soldiers have through experience and service come to believe that war isn't an effective way to resolve conflicts. These documentaries cover diverse combat situations and are respectful of soldiers who've survived them, but lead to consideration of whether war is worth it.

Documentaries for Summer Viewing
School's out and adventure is on! Whether you plan to roam from home this summer or not, you're undoubtedly looking for escapes, even virtual ones. Follow this list of smart documentaries in which filmmakers focus on things people do during summer months: travel, camping, hiking, sports, gardening and more. These informative and relevant...

A List of Documentaries About Religion
These documentaries focus on religious doctrines and practice, as well as related subjects such as the investigation and exposure of exploitation and abuse by religious leaders of their devoted followers and the discussion of the historical, political and cultural context of religious movements.

Documentary Films About Genocide
These compelling documentaries are evidence of the human capacity for cruelty towards others and, in some cases, the amazing spirit and innate sense of righteousness that allows them to overcome. All stand as powerful testimony that genocide, ethnic cleansing and profiling must be terminated before we exterminate ourselves.

Top Women's Documentaries
Many documentaries celebrate women's accomplishments or champion women's issues. This list recogizes excellent films that are focused on women and/or made by women.

Great Documentaries About Dance
Great dance documentaries not only record brilliant choreography and performances, they stand as thrilling works of art in their own right. Filmmakers use the camera not to capture the movements of the dance, but to become part of it, following the dancers, interacting with them and becoming an instrument that completes the complex and elaborate art of cinematic choreography.

Black History Month Documentaries
These documentaries focus on people and events that shaped the course of African-American history in the United States. Watching them is a wonderful way to learn more about various aspects of the black experience in America and celebrate our racial diversity.

Documentaries About U.S. Political Elections
Presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 produced controversial results, leaving unsettling questions about disenfranchisement of voters, inaccurate vote counts and corrupt officials. Additionally, negative campaigning is demoralizing. These outstanding documentaries shed light on our electoral process…

Great Halloween Documentaries
What's behind the Halloween tradition? These entertaining and enlightening documentaries present the history and original traditions that have evolved into the popular holiday where kids of all ages dress up and parade through town seeking free sweets and other treats.

About Teenagers - Documentary Films About Teenagers
As if raging hormones weren't enough! These documentaries give us access to the world of today's youth worldwide, to teenagers and tweens facing daunting pressures and hardships, and others who're finding solutions to their problems. Kids are our hope for the future, but what hopes do they have? Collectively, these documentaries present a very interesting, compelling picture of teens growing up i…

Docs Have Superheroes, Too!
They don't wear capes. Nor do they drive amazing cars, beat up on monsters, or boast any extraordinary powers that set them apart from other mere mortals. But, their remarkable feats or heartwrenching defeats in their actions to make the world a better place make gripping stories. What's more important, their stories aren't mere fiction. Check...

Animal Documentaries - Films About Animals and Wildlife
Animals are among the most popular subjects for documentary films. Read here about how different documentary filmmakers present a very wide range of animals from the far reaches of the Arctic to Antarctica. And how one documentary filmmaker focuses on cats in the realm of art.

Documentary Films About Art and Culture
How documentary films approach the subjects of culture and the arts.

Documentary Films About the Environment and Ecology
Documentary films about ecology and environmental issues will inform you of ways in which you can help to preserve--and, in some cases, restore--Mother Earth's environment so it can sustain future generations of our species. Let these films inspire your resolutions to become an environmental activist--by altering your personal behavior or...

Documentary Films About Iraq
The Iraq War and its effects on the people who live and fight in that beleaguered country are primary subjects for documentary filmmakers who want to make sure that truths about the ongoing struggles are known.

Documentary Films About U.S. History
These documentary films about American history and political leaders will help you to understand how the nation has arrived at where it is today.

Documentaries About The U.S. Presidency and Presidents
History, it seems, repeats itself. So, hadn't we best take a good look at our past American presidents to see where our present-day politicking pundits may be leading us in the future. This list of recommended documentaries--selected from hundreds of titles about the U.S. presidency and precedent-setting presidents--is an excellent place to...

Instructional Documentary Films
In essence, all nonfiction films are instructional. But some documentaries focus specifically on teaching you to do the things you've always wanted to do. How can you find the doc that will help you reach your goals? Begin your search here.

Documentaries for Veterans Day 2010
Watch these documentaries to honor the heroes who've risked life and limb to protect our country and values, and to acknowledge that being in battle has taught them about the nature of war and brought many of them to believe that war isn't an effective way to resolve conflicts. The documentaries on this list cover diverse combat situations and...

Into Eternity - Movie Review - 2010
Michael Madsen's documentary explores the issue of nuclear waste disposal and what is being done to safeguard humankind against its present dangers and the pssibility of a future nuclear doomsday.

Orgasm, Inc. - Movie Review of Orgasm, Inc. - 2011
“Orgasm, Inc.“ is Liz Canner’s entertaining and infuriating expose about the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry’s medicalization and commercialization of female sexuality.

Tha Arbor - Movie Review of The Arbor - 2009
Clio Bernard uses an unusual amalgam of documentary and narrative styles to reveal the hard life and times, and body of work of the English working class playwright Andrea Dunbar, who wrote three highly acclaimed autobiographical plays before she died at age 29.

Self Made - Movie Review of Self Made - 2010
British filmmaker Gillian Wearing advertised in London and Newcastle for participants in this documentary about method acting teacher Sam Rumbelow and his improvisational workshop. We follow seven subjects as they are coached by Sam Rumbelow to create characters who eventually appear in mini-films.

The Last Lions - Movie Review - 2011
A lioness struggles to feed her two cubs and protect them from a rival pride and other aggressive wildlife on a remote island in Botswana.

Documentary Appreciation Guides Available From PBS' POV
Documentary Appreciation Guides Available From PBS' POV

Rainy Day Documentaries
When a rainy day keeps you indoors and makes you feel gloomy, turn to an inspiring and upbeat documentary for a little enlightenment. Here's a list of documentaries that may do the trick!

Independence Day Documentaries
A list of documentaries that foment independent thought about the issues that arise when Americans consider the meaning of independence. These films are ideal for watching as part of your Independence Day celebrations -- before or after the parades, fireworks and barbecues.

Documentaries For Black History Month 2012
The documentaries on this list reflect various aspects of African-American history, culture and lifestyle, and are a great way to celebrate Black History Month.

Memorial Day Documentaries
A list of documentaries for Memorial Day viewing.

Ai Weiwei Never Sorry - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker Alison Klayman profiles Chinese activist artist Ai Weiwei, following him as he gains fame not only for his innovative art, but also for openly protesting political repressiion in contemporary China.

Documentaries for Viewing During Black History Month 2014 - Part Two

Documentaries for Viewing During Black History Month 2014 - Part Three
These documentaries for Black History month, week three, explore and reveal various aspects of black culture and lifestyle through personal stories.

Documentaries for Black History Month - Week Four

Documentaries About The Movies

Documentaries About Heroic Women
Celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, 2014, by watching these inspiring documentaries about women whose commitment and activism have made a difference for the better.

To Kill or Not to Kill: Ten Documentaries About Genocide
Top Ten List of Documentaries about Genocide cover the Holocaust, as well as mass killings in Rwanda, Darfur, Chile, Cambodia and elsewhere in the world. They also expose philosophies and organizations that could lead to genocide in the future -- even in the United States.

Anti-War Documentaries

Documentaries About Musicians
An annotated list of documentaries about musicians -- the famous, the infamous and those who deserve more attention. Whose your favorite?

Documentaries About Sex
Documentaries About Sex, Sexuality, Romantic Relationships and Human Reproduction

Filmmaker Interview: Anne Aghion On Filmmaking and 'My Neighbor, My Killer'

'Under The Electric Sky' - A 3D Documentary Event In Theaters May 29

Great Documentaries To Watch During June
A curated list of documentaries about gardening, travel adventures, outdoor sports and personal health that are great for summertime viewing.

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