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Documentary Film 101

Welcome to the wonderful and fascinating world of documentary films! Nonfiction films provide you with unlimited access to the whole wide world around you. No subject is too obscure, no mountain too high to deter a determined documentary film director from exploring it and presenting it to you. Here, you'll discover the basics about the production elements, aesthetics and history of documentary film.

Documentary Films 101
The must-know basics about documentary films.

Documentary Angels - How To Invest in Documentaries - A Ten Step Plan
Find out how you can invest in a documentary about a subject or issue that is of major interest to you. Supporting a documentary is an exciting adventure that lets you follow a project from its inception or make sure a finished documentary gets seen by audiences. You can help make a difference by following our ten step plan.

The Importance of Documentary Trailers
Never underestimate the importance of a good documentary trailer, and here's why!

Raising Red Flags About Documentaries Branding
A discussion about recent trends in the corporate underwriting of documentaries, and questions raised about the efficacy of branding sponsorships of nonfiction films.

Documentary Audience Development and Recruitment
The big challenge for documentary filmmakers and distributors is audience development -- converting the die hard blockbuster fan into a devoted documentary watcher. It's a daunting task. But there's hope.

Documentary Distribution - The Film Festival Effect
The challenge of getting documentaries to venues where enthusiastic audiences can see them is a constant. Film festivals offer solutions -- in part.

AMPAS Invites 42 Documentary Filmmakers to Join in 2013
An annotated list of documentary filmmakers invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2013.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013 Expands Pitch Opportunities for Filmmakers
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013 provides documentary filmmakers with the opportunity to meet with industry leaders to pitch projects for funding and learn how to improve their pitching skills. Read more...

Red Bull Enters The Documentary Branding Arena!
The issue of corporate funding -- or branding -- of documentaries heats up as Red Bull Media House enters the arena, producing and distributing sports documentaries that fly the Red Bull banner.

GRANITO: How to Nail a Dictator's Exemplary Outreach Campaign
An aritcle describing the exemplary social justice outreach campaign associated with 'GRANITO: How To Nail A Dictator.'

IDA DocuWeeks
The Annual IDA DocuWeeks is one way that documentary films can become eligible for Academy Awards consideration.

Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) 2012
The Scottish Documentary Institute, the Edinburgh-based nonprofit that supports nonfiction filmmakers and their projects, has earned big bragging rights in 2012: one of its films is shortlisted for Oscars consideration, another has the glow of a Nobel Prize association. Read more...

Tribeca Film Fund 2012 Grants for Documentaries
An annotated list of 2012 Tribeca Film Fund grants to documentary filmmakers and their projects.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012 - Corporate Funding Survey and Panel Discussions
Sheffield Doc/Fest joins with Reuters Journalism Institute and the University of Oxford to conduct a survey about issues related to the corporate sponsorship and branding of documentaries and other reality programming.

Documentaries of 2011 - An Overview
More than 300 feature length documentaries opened theatrically in New York City cinemas during the year 2011. Here is an overview of the year in documentaries, and a list of nonfiction films that opened in New York City during 2011.

Documentaries for the 2011 Winter Holiday Season
A bakers dozen of documentaries that will bring joy and inspiration to your 2011 winter holidays. They are recommended for viewing with family and friends and/or as giving as gifts to celebrate the season.

'Women And Girls Lead' Documentaries Series From ITVS
Screening of documentary films that show women in leadership roles around the world, and taking a stand against gender bias, human rights violations and other egregious situations around the world is the core of IYVS' 'Women and Girls Lead,' a global multiyear initiative that uses nonfiction films to raise consciousness about and support women's...

Cinereach Grants For Summer 2011
Cinereach is one of the major independent film funding organizations.

An Overview of IFP's Mission and Programs
The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) is the nation's largest and oldest organization of independent filmmakers, and offers a wide range of services and programs to boost independent film production and assist independent filmmakers in their work.

Interview with Paloma Plantenga About The September Issue
Inspired by the fashion documentary, 'The September Issue,' eleven-year-old Paloma Plantenga visited Vogue Magazine and met some of the people featured in the film. She shares her experiences in this interview.

Paloma And The September Issue
Paloma Jet Plantenga, an eleven-year-old Dutch girl, was so inspired by seeing 'The September Issue' that she arranged to tour Vogue Magazine. She wanted to share her thrilling experiences with others, and so contacted Documentaries.About.com. Here is her report about her dream come true.

The Transmedia Approach to Documentary Development and Marketing
Transmedia is a new buzz word in the documentaries realm. Find out here what transmedia means and why it's the wave of the future.

International Documentary Association - Overview of the IDA
An overview of the International Documentary Association, a non-profit professional organization that promotes and protects the interests of documentary filmmakers.

Aboutdocsguide on Twitter
Aboutdocsguide is on Twitter just about 24/7, so please sign up and follow for updated information from Documentaries.About.com. Get the url here.

Cinereach Foundation Funds Independent Films
Cinereach is a nonprofit foundation that supports socially relevant filmmaking and the distribution of socially relevant films. Since its founding in 2006, Cinereach has given away more than $1.6 million in grants and awards to support and recognize filmmakers, projects and organizations that use the medium of cinema, both narrative and...

Documentary Appreciation Guides Available From PBS' POV
Documentary Appreciation Guides Available From PBS' POV

Documentary Director Interviews - Exclusives
A collection of exclusive and candid interviews with leading documentary filmmakers.

The Shed Internship - Internship for Documentary Filmmakers
The Shed Internship presents young filmmakers with an outstanding opportunity to experience all aspects of the business of factual entertainment on television, including project planning, production and post-production.

Cinereach Grants for Winter 2011
A list of documentary film recipients of grants from Cinereach, the nonprofit organization for independent film funding, for the Winter 2011 cycle, dispersing $400,000 to thirteen projects.

Documentary Filmmakers Granted Exemption From Digital Millenn…
The U.S. Copyright Office grants documentary filmmakers access to previously 'locked' DVD content for fair use in productions, under an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA).

Is Film School Right for You?
The digital revolution has made it possible for anyone to make a film. If you have a subject that you want to investigate or a message that you must make known, film is a great medium in which to do so. This article will help you decide if you want to go to film school to learn the basic strokes before you jump into the deep end of the pool.

Film Studies Programs
University Film Studies Programs offer great opportunities for you to learn about documentary films--whether you're interested in working towards a degree or not. Use this site to find film studies programs in your area, so you can sign up for a course or take advantage of screenings of films you might not find in other local venues.

Documentary Film on Wikipedia
Wikipedia provides an excellent backgrounder on documentary film, with links to valuable resources.

The Documentary Studio System
The documentary establishment provides ways to pitch projects, get funding and distribution, But is it so different from the Hollywood studio system?

'Under The Electric Sky' - A 3D Documentary Event In Theaters May 29

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