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Documentaries For Valentine's Day


A List of Documentaries That Celebrate Love in Its Various Manifestations

Love has a way and a will of its own. It flows between people of different shapes, sizes and colors, crosses the barriers between different cultures and customs, settles conflicts and creates harmony between people.

Traditionally, Valentine's Day celebrates the romance of lovers, but it can also recognize and honor the other loving relationships and manifestations of love that bring joy, peace and well being to human beings.

Watch these documentaries to see how they fit the theme of love and Valentine's Day.

Love, Etc.

Love life and interpersonal relationships in New York City are as varied and complex as the city's vastly diverse population. Filmmaker Jill Andresevic's documentary follows several New Yorkers with very different lifestyles, as they discover and experience true love, or are frustrated in their ongoing search and determination to find it. The stories are interwoven to present an engaging overview of falling in love in New York.

When Strangers Click

Robert Kenner's entertaining and heartwarming When Strangers Click shows the positive possibilities of finding love on the Internet. The documentary follows five people -- three men and two women -- who went on line to meet their mates, and got good results with happy and lasting relationships. An upbeat love potion for Valentine's Day.

Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

Adopt Films
Theirs is the ultimate love story. Performance artists Genesis P'Orridge (nee Neil Andrew Megson in 1950) and his wife and creative partner Lady Jaye (nee Jacqueline Breyer) love and admire each other so much they endure elaborate plastic surgery procedures to make themselves identical or -- as they prefer to think of it -- to become one. It's a curious and compelling story, and first time filmmaker Marie Losier chronicles it very handsomely.

For My Wife

Cinema Libre
Driven by personal tragedy, Charlene Strong became an activist advocating same sex marriage equality. Testifying before Washington State's Legislature, she told of how hospital administrators prevented her from being with her life long partner, Kate Fleming, to comfort her as she lay dying. Strong was was influential in the enactment of the state's historic and precedent setting Domestic Partnership laws protecting LGBT couples and families. For My Wife chronicles Strong's personal evolution as she became a leading spokesperson and advocate for marriage equality for the LGBT community. The film is a tribute to her for her efforts and success.

Wish Me Away: The Chely Wright Story

First Run Features
At the height of her Nashville music career, singer songwriter Chely Wright was depicted in the press as coupled with a succession of several male music stars. But the truth was that she wasn't involved with any of them. She was a Lesbian, and she was living a lie that was making her miserable. Risking the alienation of her conservative country music Bible belt fans, Chely decided to live her life honestly and let the world know that she's gay. She sought counseling and planned carefully how she would handle her announcement and deal with any repercussions there might be. Wish Me Away chronicles her coming out. Wright is a brave and remarkable role model, and this film is a Valentine to her and her honesty about her feelings about love.

One Lucky Elephant

Crossover Productions
Some humans bond deeply with other creatures. The recipients of their Valentines Day treats are cats, dogs, horses and other animals. Circus producer David Balding adopted Flora, an orphaned African elephant, when she was just two years old, and made her part of his family, raising her with loving care and treating her as if she were his child. He adored her, and the feeling was mutual. She followed him everywhere, became the star of Circus Flora, and performed beautifully in front of audiences who also adored her. But at age 16, Flora baby needs transformed into those of a young adult female. Balding found her increasingly difficult to handle, and knew he had to find another place for her to live. But he still loved her, and parting was going to be painful. One Lucky Elephant is the heartwarming story of how Balding and Flora resolved their unusually close inter-species relationship.

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