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'The Invisible War' Is Live Online on Sept. 17

New Viedo States Major Online Viewing Event


'The Invisible War' Is Live Online on Sept. 17

'The Invisible War' poster art.

Courtesy New Video
The Invisible War is staging a live online watch-in on Monday, September 17, hoping to get a million viewers to focus on the issue of rape in the U.S. military.

Filmmaker Kirby Dick's compelling documentary plumbs this shocking subject with first person testimony from rape victims -- women and men -- whose lives and careers were irreparably damaged when they were sexually assaulted by superior officers. To make matters worse, the victims have been subsequently chastised for seeking justice from a military hierarchy that didn't want to hear anything about any such matters, let along punish the perpetrators of the sexual assaults.

New Video, the movie's distributor and a division of Cinedigm, is calling the live online event Million Eyes on the Issue, and announced that its goal in stating the 'watch-in' is to "encourage engagement with and action by viewers to continue to draw attention to the cause" and, by that, they mean demanding revision of the military policies and practices that allow the heinous and criminal behavior to continue, and further victimizes the victims.

The live online screening, accessible via Facebook, is an interactive initiative which will be hosted by director Kirby Dick and the film's producer, Tanner Barklow, both of whom will be commenting while the film is being screened, and will participate in a post-screening live chat in which they will field questions, comments and personal testimony put forward by viewers.

It all takes place on Monday, September 17, 2012, at 9 PM Eastern time, 6 PM Pacific time.

Viewers will be charged $4.99. To sign on for the event, click here. This sign on page also allows you to RSVP, book your 'ticket' in advance, and invite friends to join you for the event and communicate with you and other audience members who are watching from around the world.

If you are unable to join the screening on Monday, but want to see The Invisible War on line, the movie will be available for viewing via the same Facebook app in the days following the live event.

The sign on page also features a click through to the Not Invisible Organization, where you can sign petitions, donate funds, and further support the cause.

In addition, there is now a Pinterest Board live for the film, and if you repin any of the pins on the Pinterest Board, you're automatically entered into a daily drawing to win free access to Monday night's live screening event.

Meanwhile, read my full review of The Invisible War.

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