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IFP Independent Film Week - Spotlight on Documentaries

Showcase for Documentary Filmmakers and Their Projects


The IFP Marketplace's Spotlight on Documentaries is held annually in New York City in September. The 2008 dates are from September 14-22. It is a premiere showcase for new and emerging documentary filmmakers and their projects.

In past years, notable Spotlight on Documentaries participants have included numerous Oscar® and Emmy® award winning filmmakers, such as Cynthia Wade, whose Freeheld received the Academy Award for Best Short Form Documentary, and Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar’s A Lion In The House which won an Emmy in 2007. Other notable alums include docs that have aired on PBS' POV, such as Traces Of The Trade, The Last Conquistador, Critical Condition, Campaign, and theatrical releases such as A Jihad For Love (First Run Features) and Toots(IndiePix).

2008 Spotlight on Documentary Projects

  • 25 TO LIFE, directed by Michael Brown, produced by Yvonne Michelle Shirley and Emily Chang
  • THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM, written, directed and produced by Andy Blubaugh
  • ADVISE & DISSENT, directed by David Van Taylor, and executive produced by Marc N. Weiss and Cal Skaggs
  • ALMOST GONE, directed and produced by Doug Block (51 BIRCH STREET), produced Lori Cheatle
  • AMERICAN MUJAHIDEEN, directed by Mark Claywell, produced by Christina Lowery
  • ANATOMY OF POVERTY, directed and produced by Elinyisia Mosha
  • ASEXUALITY: THE MAKING OF A MOVEMENT, directed by Angela Tucker, produced by Beth Davenport and Katy Chevigny (ELECTION DAY)
  • THE BATTLE FOR WINTER SOLDIER (working title), written, directed and produced by David Zeiger (Sir! No Sir!) and Bestor Cram (UNFINISHED SYMPHONY)
  • THE BAY OF ALL SAINTS, directed by Annie Eastman, produced by Davis Coombe and Diane Markrow, executive produced by Henry Ansbacher (THEY KILLED SISTER DOROTHY)
  • BEETLE QUEEN CONQUERS TOKYO, directed and produced by Jessica Oreck, produced by Akito Kawahara
  • BETTIE PAGE REVEALS ALL, written, directed and produced by Mark Mori (BUILDING BOMBS)
  • BORDERLINE, written and directed by Shirli Michalevicz, produced by Claudia Levin (PAPER DOLLS)
  • BROCK ENRIGHT: GOOD TIMES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, directed and produced by Jody Lee Lipes, produced by Kyle Martin (WILD COMBINATION: A PORTRAIT OF ARTHUR RUSSELL
  • BROTHERS ON THE LINE, directed and produced by Sasha Reuther, produced by Nancy Roth (OCCUPATION DREAMLAND)
  • BURNING IN THE SUN, directed and produced by Cambria Matlow and Morgan Robinson
  • CARA LUCIA, directed by Bernard Attal and Anne Attal, produced by Michael Fix
  • CARTOON COLLEGE, directed by Tara Wray (MANHATTAN, KANSAS), produced by Josh Melord and Alan Oxman
  • CASTING BY: REVOLUTION IN HOLLYWOOD, directed by Tom Donahue, produced by Joanna Colbert and Khristina Krayas, executive produced by Kate Lacey and Jane Slater
  • THE CITY DARK, directed by Ian Cheney (THE GREENING OF SOUTHIE), produced by Curt Ellis (THE GREENING OF SOUTHIE) and Julia Marchesi
  • THE CLASS OF 2023, directed by Jesse Sweet (AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES), produced by Sandra McDaniel, Elgin Smith
  • CON ARTIST, written, directed and produced by Michael Sládek, produced by Denis Jensen, Gill Holland (FLOW: FOR THE LOVE OF WATER)
  • COOKING LESSONS, A PALESTINIAN AMERICAN STORY, written and directed and produced by Laurie Coyle (OROZCO: MAN OF FIRE), written and produced by Najib Joe Hakim
  • CRAZY WISDOM, written and directed by Johanna Demetrakas, and produced by Lisa Leeman (WHO NEEDS SLEEP?)
  • DEAF JAM, directed by Judy Lieff, produced by Steve Zeitlin
  • DIAMOND VEHICLE, directed by Christopher Allen
  • EIGHTEEN TO LIFE, directed and produced by Laura Ricciardi, produced by Moira Demos
  • EXTRA CREDIT, directed and produced by David Grabias (SENTENCED HOME)
  • FALLOUT (Working Title), directed and produced by Susan Kaplan (THREE OF HEARTS), produced by Sarie Horowitz
  • FAMILY STORIES, directed and produced by Mary Brown, executive produced by Sam Pollard (WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE)
  • THE FIXER, directed and produced by Ian Olds (OCCUPATION: DREAMLAND), produced by Nancy Roth (PACK, STRAP, SWALLOW)
  • FLAT DADDY, directed and produced by Nara Garber and Betsy Nagler
  • FROM TEXAS TO TEHRAN, written, directed and produced by Till Schauder, produced by Sara Nodjoumi, Andre Singer (WILD BLUE YONDER), and Stefan Reiss
  • GACACA: THE TRIALS (working title), written directed and produced by Anne Aghion (IN RWANDA WE SAY… THE FAMILY THAT DOES NOT SPEAK DIES)

  • GRANITO, directed by Paco de Onís and Pamela Yates (STATE OF FEAR), produced by Paco de Onís (STATE OF FEAR)
  • THE GRAVES OF PUTUMAYO, directed and produced by Scott Dalton (LA SIERRA), produced by María Pérez-Plá
  • GROWING UP WITH PAUL GOODMAN, directed and produced by Jonathan Lee, produced by Bob Hawk (BALLETS RUSSES)
  • HOMEGROWN, directed and produced by Robert McFalls
  • THE HOUSE THAT HERMAN BUILT, directed and produced by Angad Bhalla, produced by Loring McAlpin
  • AN INTERVIEW WITH SIMONE WEIL, directed by Julia Haslett, produced by Fabrizia Galvagno
  • INTIFADA NYC, directed by David Teague, produced by Tracey Izatt, executive produced by Negin Salmasi
  • ITHEMBA, directed and produced by Roger Ross Williams, produced by Elinor Burkett
  • THE LEARNING, written, directed and produced by Ramona Diaz (IMELDA), executive produced by Tony Gloria
  • LIFE 2.0, directed and produced by Jason Spingarn-Koff
  • MINE: TAKEN BY KATRINA, directed by Geralyn Pezanoski and produced by Erin Essenmacher
  • NEUROTYPICAL, directed by Adam Larsen, executive produced by Bob Potter, written by Ron Larsen
  • A NOMAD'S LIFE, directed by Lynn True and Nelson Walker (LUMO), produced by Lynn True and Tsering Perlo
  • NEVER TO CRY (working title), directed and produced by Alissa Creamer, executive produced and written by John Rubin
  • ON BEING THERE WITH RICHARD LEACOCK, directed and produced by Jane Weiner (producer, HOME PAGE), executive produced by Antoine Disle
  • OUR HOUSE, directed by Greg King and David Teague, produced by Greg King
  • OUR SCHOOL, directed by Mona Nicoara and Miruna Coca-Cozma, produced by Mona Nicoara
  • PARTICLE FEVER, written and directed by Mark Levinson, written and produced by David Kaplan, produced by Andrea Miller, executive produced by Wendy Sax and Carla Solomon

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