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Not all films based on true events and stories are truthful. Documentary filmmakers show and tell the truth, but they use dramatic editing and other effects to sway audiences. Similarly, narrative film directors may use archival footage to lend credibility to their stories. Here are some ways in which the lines between truth and fiction become blurred. You might want to take note of crossover styles and techniques while you're watching documentaries or narrative films.

The Transmedia Approach to Documentary Development and Marketing
Transmedia is a new buzz word in the documentaries realm. Find out here what transmedia means and why it's the wave of the future.

Documentary Film Offshoot Genres
Not all films based on true stories are truthful. While documentary films are obliged to show and tell the truth, some documentary and narrative feature genres may overlap in style. Documentary filmmakers use dramatic editing to sway audiences, and narrative directors use archival footage to lend credibility to the stories they're telling. Here are some crossover elements to look for.

When Real Stories Become Reel Stories
When narrative features are based on actual events, filmmakers may use documentary techniques and styles to make their footage seem archival. How do you know what elements of the film are true, and where filmmakers have taken creative license? The lively discussion on this site will put you in the know.

Mockumentaries are faux documentaries in which doc subjects and style may be parodied or satirized for comedic effect, or they may be used seriously as a means to present an alternative view about problematic political, social and cultural situations. You'll find lists of comedic and serious mockumentaries here.

TV's Blurred Reality
Are reality TV and documentary film related? What do you think? Reality Blurred, the Web site which chronicles TV reality shows and documentary films, provides news updates, smart articles and lively debate that will help you figure it out.

Tribeca Film Institute Launches New Media Fund
Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) and the Ford Foundation's JustFilms have partnered to launch the TFI New Media Fund, a six-year multi-million dollar initiative to find, fund and develop documentary projects that integrate the traditional documentary film format with newer media platforms, including video games and mobile apps, as well as social...

Silverdocs 2011 Transmedia Lab
The 2011 Silverdocs Transmedia Lab offered six filmmaking teams the opportunity to compete for a $5,000 grant to develop multiplatform interactive projects -- including Websites, digital games and social media campaigns -- for their documentary films.

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