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Winter Soldier (1972) - Movie Review

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Winter Soldier (1972) - Movie Review

Winter Soldier DVD

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The Bottom Line

Winter Soldier brings to life one of the most troubled periods in recent U.S. history--the Vietnam Era. While war continued to rage overseas, 125 Vietnam veterans from all branches of the military gathered in a Howard Johnson's motel in Detroit on January 31, 1971 to speak out about the atrocities they had committed and witnessed while on active duty. This is the record of their testimony.
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  • An excellent primer on one of America's most troubled and formative eras.
  • Particularly relevant for today.
  • An compelling film produced by top documentary filmmakers.


  • None worth noting


  • DVD Short Feature: Seasoned Veteran: The Journey of a Winter Soldier
  • DVD Short Feature: Americal Division
  • DVD Short Feature: First Marine Division
  • Director's commentary
  • Downloadable Winter Soldier Files
  • Photo Gallery: Original works by Sheldon Ramsdell, official photographer of Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Guide Review - Winter Soldier (1972) - Movie Review

This 95-minute documentary film contains disturbing personal testimony by Vietnam veterans, speaking out about the atrocities they committed and witnessed while on active duty. Their horrific reports about the torching of towns, rape of women and killing of children, and the archival footage that shows their testimony to be accurate, are a powerful anti-war statement. The film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1972, is rarely shown these days. But many people who remember it say it has particular referential relevance for current world events and American foreign policy.

Aside from being politically relevant, Winter Soldier is a gripping cinematic experience. It was produced by a collective of (then) young filmmakers, including Barbara Kopple, Nancy Baker and Robert Fiore-- all of whom went on to make other highly acclaimed documentary films.

Most notable among those who testify are John Kerry, Scott Camil, Rusty Sachs and members of the Vietnam Veterans Against The War. Many of the Winter Soldier witnesses are still in the news, speaking out against U.S. participation in the Iraq War.

Winter Soldier is a documentary film with a clear agenda. But it's also just a great--and fascinating--film. It's a must see!

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