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Blood In the Face (1991) - Movie Review

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Blood In the Face (1991) - Movie Review

Blood in the Face on DVD

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The Bottom Line

With riveting archival footage of secret meetings, darkly humorous and incendiary interviews and self-promotional collateral, Blood in the Face reveals the ideology and actions of White supremacist groups who are strategizing, preparing to change the American way of life.
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  • An alarming look at the members and inner workings of America's White supremacists.
  • If you pledge allegence to the Constitution of the United States, you need to see this film.
  • If you like horror films, this is the real deal.


  • None worth mentioning


  • An exposé of White supremacist secret societies poised to undermine and overthrow the American way of life.
  • An essential backgrounder on current events in the United States and Canada.
  • DVD provides filmmaker bios and other extras

Guide Review - Blood In the Face (1991) - Movie Review

Blood in the Face is a truly shocking film about the very dangerous and threatening--and mostly hidden--population of fanatics who support America's White supremacy movement.

In the film, members of the Ku Klux Klan, American Nazi Party, Aryan Nation, The Order and other radical right wing groups speak openly and assertively about arming themselves to the hilt and preparing for imminent race wars and the overthrow of 'ZOG' (The Zion Occupation Government). With folksy, often dark humor, they address their issues: interracial 'breeding,' the Holocaust 'hoax,' legions of 'colored' foreign troops poised to attach America.

In addition to the infamous David Duke, the films cast of right wing radicals includes the American Nazi Party's George Lincoln Rockwell, former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Don Black, Ku Klux Klan National Director Thom Robb, Christian Identity Ministers Jack Moher and Allen Poe, Canadian Fascist Western Guard leader John Ross Taylor, The Order leader Bruce Carroll Pierce, and White Patriots Party leaders Alan Berg and Glen Miller. Some are seen only in archival footage, others are interviewed directly for the film.

Their radical positions and outrageous statements are the sort of stuff that rational citizens might dismiss as harmless fringe lunacy. But that, this film convinces, would be a mistake. We see that these fanatics may be lunatic fringe, but they're also vicious activists who operate according to laws of their own and are quite capable of terrorist actions to disrupt our lawful state of affairs. They're blowhard diehards. As the film indicates, their activities should be monitored attentively.

Blood In the Face was made by James Ridgeway (former political correspondent for The Village Voice, Anne Bohlen and Kevin Rafferty, with additional interviews by Michael Moore.

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