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Blindsight on DVD

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Blindsight on DVD

Blindsight Poster Art

Roson Entertainment

The Bottom Line

Shot against the glorious background of the Himalayas, this thrilling film follows six blind Tibetan teenagers as they embark on a life-changing expedition to climb to the 23,000 feet-high summit of Lhakpa Ri, a peak on the north side of Mount Everest.
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  • Six blind Tibetan teens show extrreme courage in taking on the challenge of climbing Mount Everest,
  • A compelling story about great kids overcoming hardship.
  • Beautiful cinematography of the awesome Himalayas
  • Stirring soundtrack includes Tibetan chanting, traditional songs and the Beatles.
  • DVD extras update you on how the teens fare following their adventure.


  • Small screens don't do justice to the film's grandeur. See it as big as possible.


  • Sabriye and Erik must reach a middle ground when they disagree about whether it's too dangerous to proceed to the summit.
  • DVD extra: Director Lucy Walker describes the difficulties of high altitude filming.
  • DVD extra: The teens visit LA and NY to open the film, and enjoy the local attractions and activities--like hang gliding.
  • DVD extra: close up and personal interviews with Erik, Sabriye and the teens.

Guide Review - Blindsight on DVD

After meeting the teenagers through Sabriye Tenberken's Braille Without Borders, an educational program for blind youngsters in Lhasa, the famed Colorado-based blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer suggested this Everest expedition as a way to help raise the kids' hope and belief in their abilities to live full and successful lives in Tibet, a country where the belief that blindness is punishment for bad deeds done during past lives prevails. These teens--and all Tibetan blind people--suffer enormous hardship and heartbreaking humiliation on a daily basis.<p>When offered what one of the girls calls a 'golden opportunity,' they eagerly step up to the mountain's challenge, an adventure that's dangerous even for experiences--and sighted--climbers. Their courage and willingness to 'just do it' is solidly inspiring.<p>Guided by Weihenmayer and his team of experienced American mountaineers, the teens trek to new heights of self esteem. They learn how to trust each other and work as a team. Their experience is outward bound in the extreme, and it keeps you completely engrossed while you root for them.
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