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Air Guitar Nation (2006) - Movie Review

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Air Guitar Nation (2006) - Movie Review

Air Guitar Nation on DVD

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The Bottom Line

Air Guitar Nation was intended to be a TV reality show series about the first-ever U.S. Air Guitar Championships. By the time the project's funding fell through, director Alexandra Lipsitz was hooked on the art of 'airness,' and she proceeded to make this wonderfully quirky documentary feature. As the film reveals, air guitar is great sport, and it's something anyone can do. One of the benefits of watching the DVD at home is that you can play along without inhibition and the restraint you would have to show if you were in a movie theater.
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  • A great introduction to the musical sport that is sweeping the country.
  • The quirky, witty personalities of air guitarists are very appealing.
  • Sharp MTV-worthy direction make for create entertainment.
  • You can play along and exercise your own 'airness.'


  • None worth mentioning.


  • It's Woodstock for imaginary instrumentalists.
  • DVD extras include the director's commentary, player profiles, more fun footage and air guitar trivia.
  • Great soundtrack includes some original music composed by air guitarist Bjorn Turoque, aka Dan Crane.

Guide Review - Air Guitar Nation (2006) - Movie Review

Director Alexandra Lipsitz and crew filmed 400 hours of performances and backstage antics while following American air guitarists who battled each other for the national championship and right to represent the United States at the World Air Guitar Championships in Oulu, Finland, where they took on The Red Plectrum, The Torbinator, Mr. Metalilizer and other national champs competing for the international title of world’s best player of an imaginary instrument. Air guitarists--with amusing noms de strum like C-Diddy, Bjorn Turocque and Krye Tuff--are smart, funny and keenly dedicated to the art of 'airness.' And, quirky as it is, the musical sport is taken quite seriously by an almost cult-like cadre of players and fans. If you are not air guitar buffs--and, quite honestly, how many of us are?-—you are probably trying to figure out just what is so appealing about pretending to play an imaginary guitar, and jump around wildly in front of a loudly cheering (or jeering) crowd. C-Diddy (an Exeter-educated Brooklyn-born actor whose real name is David Jung) says it lets someone without the requisite musical talent (himself) be a rock star. Dan "Bjorn Turoque" Crane, a Berkeley-born musician, composer, software developer and journalist, posits (with appealing self-derision) that "to err is human; to air guitar, divine," while his 80-something Nana, imitating his moves, likens Danny’s performances to mime. The film’s main thrust is fun, and it’s a plucky blast and a half of that. After seeing Air Guitar Nation, you might find yourself strumming an imaginary instrument from time to time and even wondering about your own quality of "airness."
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