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Human Rights Watch International Film Festival


The Basics:

Held in March at various venues in London, and in June in New York at Lincoln Center for the Performing Art's Walter Reade Theater, the traveling Human Rights Watch International Film Festival screens documentaries about some of the world's most pressing social, political and economic issues, ranging from abuse of women and children, to the spread of HIV, to exploitation of workers around the world. This mission-oriented festival is one of the world's most dynamic and important documentary film showcases. The festival also presents some narrative features, but the emphasis is on documentary films.

2008 Festival Program:

The 19th annual festival, from June 13 to 26, presents 32 films from 20 countries, including 16 feature length documentaries that cover a wide range of subjects, such as injustice in Brazil's juvenile courts, child trafficking in China, rape in the Congo, the U.S. health insurance crisis, the murder of a crusading journalist, attempts to bring a killer dictator to trial and other current political and social issues. Several focus on women who're trying to coping with the hardships of war in Kashmir, Nepal and Palestine. Check the documentary feature film list for details.

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