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Hamptons International Film Festival - 2010 - Documentaries Programs

18th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival, October 7-11, 2010


Films of Conflict and Resolution in Competition - $5000 Prize

  • Grace, Milly, Lucy…Child Soldiers (NY Premiere) - Documentary - Director Raymonde Provencher - In Uganda, young girls are forced to join the rebel Lord's Resistance Army as soldiers, wives, killers, and mothers. Grace, Milly, and Lucy, now living in rehabilitation facilities for ex-child soldiers, recount the atrocities of their experiences, and speak to a triumph of spirit after a life of undue violence and hardship in this extraordinary documentary about children forced to join the military ranks.
  • The Accidental Terrorist (US Premiere) - Documentary - Directors Miki Mistrati, Nagieb Khaja - A peaceful young Danish Muslim, Cem Aslan, tries to figure out how he is different -- or if he really is different -- from his childhood friend, Abdul Kadir, who is now incarcerated in Bosnia, convicted of plotting a terrorist attack.
  • Striking a Chord (NY Premiere) - Documentary - Director Susan Cohn Rockefeller - An affecting look at American troops in Iraq, as they show widespread effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Focusing on the healing power of music, the film suggests a positive approach to PTSD, opening doors for alternative routes to reconciliation and recovery while at the same time bearing witness to the genuine pain experienced by men and women in combat.
  • My So-Called Enemy - Documentary - Director Lisa Gossels - In 2002, six Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls came to the US to attend "Building Bridges," a women's leadership conference held in New Jersey. The film follows the girls through the conference, and for the next seven years of their lives, showing the long-term results of their life-changing experiences in getting to know and understand each other, and finding ways to overcome their initial prejudices and work together. As they mature, their life paths take different turns, but their personal growth and enhanced understanding resonate in the decisions they make as they assume their roles as the next generation of women political leaders.
  • Medal of Honor (Medalia de onoare) (NY Premiere) - Narrative Feature - Director Calin Peter Netzer - Aging war veteran Ion I. Ion lives quietly in his unheated apartment with his uncommunicative wife, until he receives notice that he's been awarded a medal for outstanding service during World War II. Ion is surprised and honored -- and troubled that he can't remember anything he might have done to garner this award. The film is a slyly satirical look at Romanian bureaucracy and a war vet's attempts to remember his actions and find meaning in them.
  • A Screaming Man (East Coast Premiere) - Narrative Feature - Director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun - This winner of the Prix de Jury at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival presents a ad story about fathers and sons, family and war. Adam, an aging swimming champion, takes joy in his job maintaining the swimming pool at an upscale hotel in Chad. Then, he loses his job to his only son, and is forced into a small betrayal that quickly elevates a small family drama into the realm of national tragedy.

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