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Featured Filmmakers

Documentary films are most often the product of one person's vision and persistence, and that person is the director. Personal styles and agendas differ vastly. Read here about some of the most innovative and influential documentary filmmakers and their work.
  1. Michael Apted (2)
  2. Ken Burns (1)
  3. Alex Gibney (4)
  4. Michael Moore (4)
  5. Errol Morris (1)
  6. Documentary Filmmakers A to Z (3)

Documentary Director Interviews - Exclusives
A collection of exclusive and candid interviews with leading documentary filmmakers.

George C. Stoney - Documentary Filmmaker - 1916-2012
George Stoney, the revered documentary filmmaker and teacher, died on July 12, 2012, at age 96. His prolific career that lasted more than 70 years leaves a leaves a legacy of superb award-winning films and hundreds of documentary filmmakers who he mentored and inspired.

A Conversation With Steve James - Part One
A Conversation with documentary filmmaker Steve James in five parts, covering his documentary style and favorite films, compassion and respect for his subjects, keeping documentaries real and creating an afterlife for documentary films.

Kavery Kaul Interview: Back Walking Forward - May 25, 2011
Filmmaker Kavery Kaul discusses 'Back Walking Forward,' her latest documentary, about Eric, a charming young man who survived a catastrophic brain injury when he was 19 and at age 33 is still bravely struggling, with the full support of his family, to regain his ability to walk and function independently.

Joe Berlinger Supported by Documentary Filmmaking Community
Citing First Amendment Rights, this open letter is the documentary filmmaking community's protest against the court ruling ordering Joe Berlinger to turn over 600 hours of raw footage shot for the documentary "Crude," which chronicles the law suit brought by indiginous Amazonians against Chevron for damaged resulting from water contamination at...

What Documentary Are You Working On?
It often takes years for a documentary to evolve from an inspiring moment of observation or curiosity about an idea or event to a finished film that's presented to audiences. As the film takes shape through pre-production, filming and editing phases, filmmakers smartly develop a support community by reaching out to people concerned about......See submissions

Margot Benacerraf - Interview with Margot Benacerraf
Filmmaker Margot Benacerraf discusses the restoration of her legendary film, Araya, which won the International Critics Award at Cannes in 1959 but was not released in the U.S. until 2009.

Nati Baratz Interview - Exclusive - Part One
Filmmaker Nati Baratz discusses his documentary, 'Unmistaken Child,' about Tibetan Buddhist monk Tenzin Zopa's search for the reincarnation of the Geshe Lama Konghog, a recently deceased spiritual master.

Kirby Dick - Profile of Documentary Filmmaker Kirby Dick
Kirby Dick is known for making controversial documentaries, many of which focus on the subject of human sexuality, how it's looked upon by society and how social attitudes about sexuality impact individuals.

Interview With Kirby Dick - Exclusive - Part One
Interview with Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick about his movies, controversial subjects and style.

Scott Hicks - Interview - Glass: Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts
Filmmaker Scott Hicks discusses the making of his documentary, Glass: A Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts (2007), about the legendary composer Philip Glass

Michael Apted -- Profile
Michael Apted has focused his career as documentary film director on the unique and amazing The UP Series. His innovation and dedication make him one of today's most interesting and influential documentary film directors.

Ken Burns -- Profile
Ken Burns is best known for creating epic multi-episode documentary series in which he explores American history and culture.

Laurent Cantet Interview - Laurent Cantet Discusses The Class
French filmmaker Laurent Cantet deftly bridges the narrative and documentary genres in “The Class,” recently nominated for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

Roger Donaldson - Interview
Director Roger Donadson discusses reality and truth in filmmaking.

Alex Gibney -- Interview
Filmmaker Alex Gibney's Taxi To The Dark Side is a shocking expose about the American military's torture of prisoners--many of whom have been shown to be innocent of any crime--in Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuba. In this interview, he discusses making this film, and his ideas about the aesthetics and responsibilities of making documentary films.

Chris Hegedus -- Profile
Chris Hegedus and her partner/husband D.A. Pennebaker have been leading documentary filmmakers for more than thirty years.

Ted Leonsis -- Interview
In an exclusive interview, producer Ted Leonsis tells us why and how he made Nanking, a documentary about the massacre of Chinese civilians by Japanese soldiers during World War II, in the occupied city of Nanking.

Michael Moore -- Profile
Documentary Filmmaker Michael Moore is as well known for his on camera antics as he is for espousing liberal causes. Outspoken, confrontational and sometimes outrageous, he's the most famous--and highest grossing (at the box office)--documentary film director working today.

Errol Morris -- Profile
Errol Morris is widely regarded as one of the world's finest and most influential documentary film directors. His The Fog of War won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2004, and The Thin Blue Line, released in 1988, actually resulted in the release of a death row inmate who had been wrongfully accused of murder.

Alexander Payne Talks Truth in Filmmaking
Known for his finely detailed narrative films, Alexander Payne talks about presenting the truth in filmmaking -- in both narrative and documentary genres.

Kimberly Pierce - Interview
Kimberly Pierce began working on her controversial narrative feature, Stop Loss, as a documentary. After hours of interviews with soldiers who'd returned from combat duty in Iraq, she found she wanted to tell their story in a mainstream dramatic film.

Terry Sanders - Interview
Filmmaker Terry Sanders discusses Fighting For Life (2007)and other matters, including the nature of objectivity in documentary filmmaking, the phases of filmmaking and subjects as dramatic characters.

Martin Scorsese and The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light Press Conference
Martin Scorsese and the Rolling Stones made a rare and relatively brieg appearance before the press to promote Shine A Light, their documentary film that releases theatrically on IMAX and other screens on April 4, 2008. Here is the (edited) transcript.

Werner Herzog - Documentary in 3D
In Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Werner Herzog, the filmmaker famed for following his will to unusual physical and psychological places, focuses his...

The Shed Internship - Internship for Documentary Filmmakers
The Shed Internship presents young filmmakers with an outstanding opportunity to experience all aspects of the business of factual entertainment on television, including project planning, production and post-production.

Book Review: 'Tell Me Something'

Nick Fraser - Documentaries at About.com Contributing Writer

Documentaries About The Movies

Documentary Impact: The Ongoing Influence of 'My Neighbor, My Killer'

Filmmaker Interview: Anne Aghion On Filmmaking and 'My Neighbor, My Killer'

Heddy Honigmann Honored by IDFA
IDFA 2014 honors filmmaker Heddy Honigmann: opens with her latest documentary, screens her Top 10, presents her retrospective. Read details.

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