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Decision Makers and Filmmakers Speak Out About the State of the Art

Articles in which leading figures in documentary filmmaking express their opinions about pressing issues in the art and practice of making documentary films.

Noted documentaries expert and BBC Storyville Commissioning Editor Nick Fraser comments on 'The Act of Killing,' directed by Joshua Oppenheimer.

Documentary Impact: The Ongoing Influence of 'My Neighbor, My Killer'

Filmmaker Interview: Anne Aghion On Filmmaking and 'My Neighbor, My Killer'

The Documentary Studio System
The documentary establishment provides ways to pitch projects, get funding and distribution, But is it so different from the Hollywood studio system?

Kimberly Pierce - Interview About Stop Loss
Kimberly Pierce began working on her controversial narrative feature, Stop Loss, as a documentary. After hours of interviews with soldiers who'd returned from combat duty in Iraq, she found she wanted to tell their story in a mainstream dramatic film.

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